Writing Typing Thoughts Does It Help Solve A Problem

Since my grade school years,​ I have already practiced writing my thoughts through small diaries and other journals. I always wrote down every single thought inside my head and I try to​ recuperate with the​ whole scenario of​ the​ day that I had. Since then,​ and until now,​ I still use a​ diary. But the​ difference is​ that before I used a​ huge notebook but now I use my computer. Every now and then,​ I do have problems like all people do. What I would like to​ share with you is​ to​ how you could help yourself solve a​ problem without the​ help of​ anyone but yourself by writing or​ typing thoughts.

One time in​ my College years,​ I had a​ big problem with some of​ my friends,​ I was so depressed that time that I didn’t even want to​ tell it​ to​ anyone,​ so I found a​ good friend and confidante with my Personal Computer. as​ I kept on​ writing (or typing) every thought in​ my mind,​ I sort of​ felt that it​ actually helps me release some of​ the​ anger that I have felt. the​ more I typed,​ the​ more I felt good. Whenever I type the​ words at​ a​ very fast pace,​ I could feel the​ tension growing inside of​ me as​ if​ I’m telling it​ straight to​ that someone who is​ making me very angry. the​ very feeling that I am somewhat telling it​ to​ some shrink or​ directly to​ the​ person is​ very fulfilling.

What I do is​ to​ first,​ start with the​ whole story of​ the​ day that I had. Second,​ is​ that I ask questions to​ myself. And when I have already typed all of​ my questions to​ my self,​ I try to​ answer one by one with different perceptions. I first start with a​ pessimistic point of​ view then to​ an​ optimistic point of​ view. I try to​ find out and brainstorm on​ the​ specific details that started the​ fight or​ the​ argument. Then I try to​ read it​ all over again. By this time,​ so many solutions come to​ my head that I can’t stop my fingers from typing all that comes to​ my head.

By this kind of​ practice,​ I have developed my own problem solving techniques. Instead of​ just thinking and thinking of​ the​ whole event and how or​ why it​ came about,​ you better just write or​ type it​ down,​ because it​ helps on​ chopping the​ itsy bitsy teeny weenie details of​ how it​ all started. Now,​ as​ I see myself,​ it​ has been a​ long time since I confided with someone about a​ problem. It’s just a​ matter of​ chopping information into tidbits and trying to​ connect every thing that happened until you yourself would come out with a​ solution. if​ it​ worked for me,​ it​ can work for you too!

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