Writing A Successful College Application Essay

Writing A Successful College Application Essay

With the​ intense competition for entry into America’s top schools,​ the​ college application essay is​ more important than ever. Although most students dread this assignment,​ it​ is​ the​ best way to​ distinguish yourself from other candidates,​ let the​ school get to​ know you,​ and add a​ personal touch to​ your application. Winning admission is​ about more than just GPA,​ class rank,​ and SAT scores. Universities are looking to​ build a​ student body with diverse talents,​ personality,​ and character. There is​ no better way to​ showcase these qualities than the​ college essay.

The first step in​ writing a​ winning essay to​ understand what admission boards are really looking for. Many students mistakenly believe that there is​ a​ correct answer to​ the​ essay question–that colleges are expecting the​ student to​ espouse a​ particular point of​ view. However,​ the​ exact opposite is​ usually true. it​ is​ not so much what you say,​ but how you say it​ that matters. is​ the​ writing original? is​ the​ thesis well developed and logically supported? is​ the​ writing grammatically correct and stylistically pleasing? These are the​ questions the​ essay reader is​ likely to​ have foremost in​ his/her mind.

Every aspect of​ the​ essay will say something important about you. Show that you are an​ orderly and conscientious student by submitting a​ neatly typed (or a​ laser printer generated) document that exactly follows the​ essay requirements. Do not go over any limits placed on​ length or​ write on​ any topic that does not fit the​ assignment question or​ prompt. in​ general,​ it​ is​ best to​ keep your essay brief and to​ the​ point. Remember,​ it​ is​ not about how much you right,​ but how well you write. at​ all costs you must avoid appearing long-winded or​ superficial in​ your thesis. Readers can quickly spot an​ essay that was written simply to​ fulfill an​ admission requirement. Present a​ point of​ view that you truly believe in,​ and the​ sincerity and relevance of​ your thesis will come through.

Do not be afraid to​ inject some humor or​ personal information into your essay. of​ course,​ be careful not to​ go overboard. You want the​ reader to​ know something of​ your personality,​ but a​ vulgar joke or​ admitting something that should be kept private can make the​ reader rather uncomfortable. Just be sure to​ keep everything in​ good taste,​ and that overall the​ essay demonstrates your seriousness as​ a​ student.

Instead of​ fearing the​ essay,​ consider it​ a​ great opportunity. This is​ your chance to​ show that your “A” in​ English was no fluke. or​ even better,​ a​ well-crafted essay may help compensate for a​ disappointing score on​ the​ SAT verbal section. Most important,​ this is​ your best chance to​ distinguish yourself from the​ hundreds of​ other applications you are competing against for that exclusive spot in​ the​ college of​ your choice.

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