Writing Success What Does It Mean To You

Writing Success What Does It Mean To You

Like most creative professions the​ question of​ a​ qualified success in​ writing is​ not easy to​ concentrate into one definitive answer.

Just as​ there are a​ multitude of​ writing styles,​ so too are there many examples of​ writing success.


1. "If I can just finish my first story,​ I will have success."
2. "If I can just work up the​ courage to​ submit this to​ a​ publisher,​ I will have success."
3. "If I can actually receive a​ check in​ the​ mail for a​ magazine article,​ I will have success."
4. "If I can just publish my first book,​ I will have success."
5. "If I can just have my book published by a​ major publisher,​ I will have success."
6. "If I can just get my book in​ the​ bestseller list,​ I will have success."
7. "If I can just keep up with all the​ writing work I have been commissioned to​ do,​ I will have success."
8. "If I can only be thought of​ in​ the​ same way as​ other literary giants,​ I will have success."

"The secret of​ contentment is​ knowing how to​ enjoy what you have,​ and to​ be able to​ lose all desire for things beyond your reach." Lin Yu-t'ang

There is​ a​ difference between contentment and complacency. in​ the​ first case,​ we​ learn to​ be happy in​ the​ circumstances we​ find ourselves in. in​ the​ second case,​ you simply settle for where you are without an​ interest in​ doing something more.

"A man will never be content with what he wants until he is​ content with what he has." - Bill Gothard

As writers we​ should always reach for our best. it​ is​ a​ good idea to​ set a​ small attainable goal for the​ short term with perhaps a​ one and six year plan in​ place for where we​ would like to​ be. This goal can be readjusted annually.

The problem many writers have is​ they set their goals so high they may not be able to​ reach them,​ or​ they make the​ goal sacrosanct they miss out on​ life in​ pursuit of​ the​ goal. Should they actually reach the​ goal,​ the​ effect of​ reaching the​ pinnacle often serves as​ a​ pin to​ pop an​ inflated balloon. For some,​ the​ ultimate goal they have chosen leaves them feeling hollow because they never understood the​ need for contentment. Once the​ 'ultimate goal' is​ realized the​ author has nothing more to​ look forward to​ and they struggle through issues related to​ their overall motivation.

By learning the​ fine art of​ contentment while refusing to​ be complacent will serve you well as​ you wrestle with issues of​ personal writing success.

Writing Success What Does It Mean To You

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