Writing Style Are You A Real Writer

Writing Style Are You A Real Writer

I hear it​ all the​ time from my students and at​ the​ seminars and workshops I lead. the​ writers that I work with are excited to​ work with a​ "real" writer. Most people define a​ "real" writer as​ one who is​ published. Therefore I,​ with three published novels and innumerable newspaper and magazine articles under my belt,​ certainly qualify.

However,​ the​ longer I am involved in​ the​ business of​ professional writing and the​ teaching of​ writing the​ more I question that definition. For me,​ being a​ "real" writer is​ much more about a​ state of​ mind rather than a​ state of​ being. I believe very strongly that you need to​ become a​ real writer before you can become a​ published writer for I know that while most (if not all) published writers are real writers that the​ reverse is​ not necessarily true. I have known many real writers who have not yet been published but I believe they will be some day -- if​ they just stick with it.

Real writers are made. No one is​ born to​ be a​ writer although many real writers are born with a​ drive or​ need to​ be a​ writer and this is​ certainly a​ help during the​ difficult times and challenges that all real writers face. a​ real writer requires five essential tools.

The first,​ and most important,​ is​ a​ unique writing process. in​ order to​ write well and effectively not to​ mention to​ grow as​ a​ writer,​ you must develop a​ writing process. a​ nonexistent,​ or​ inefficient,​ writing process can greatly hinder your ability to​ write but a​ writing process tailored to​ your unique strengths and weaknesses can make your writing stronger and easier.

The second element goes along with the​ development of​ your writing process. This is​ learning your strengths and weaknesses as​ a​ writer. What is​ the​ most difficult part of​ writing for you? What is​ the​ easiest? the​ more you know about your own writing then the​ better equipped you are to​ take advantage of​ the​ areas where you are strongest and to​ work on​ the​ areas where you are weakest.

Another essential element to​ becoming a​ real writer is​ criticism. Writers need to​ develop the​ skills necessary to​ be critical of​ their own work and to​ edit effectively. Most real writers also have a​ support network in​ place,​ such as​ a​ critique group or​ critical reader,​ to​ assist with this process.

Real writers also need to​ be readers. Writers must read a​ variety of​ authors and types of​ writing in​ order to​ learn more about the​ language,​ its structure,​ and its varied uses. Reading provides inspiration in​ terms of​ ideas but also language use and vocabulary. Real writers love language and words and cannot get enough of​ either. Real writers are readers.

The final essential ingredient for a​ real writer is​ a​ strong work ethic. Real writers practice their craft on​ a​ regular basis (usually daily). Some writers only write a​ few hours a​ day while others spend many hours writing. the​ length of​ time is​ not as​ important as​ a​ regular writing schedule that is​ only altered for major holidays or​ life-threatening illness. Even if​ you can only carve out an​ hour a​ day that is​ enough time to​ write a​ novel if​ that is​ your goal. the​ important part is​ making your writing a​ priority and giving your writing muscles a​ regular workout.

If you want to​ be a​ real writer then you must work on​ these five essential tools of​ the​ writing trade: individual writing process,​ knowledge of​ strengths and weaknesses,​ criticism,​ reading,​ and work ethic. Once you have mastered these five tools of​ the​ trade then you are on​ the​ way to​ becoming a​ real writer.

Writing Style Are You A Real Writer

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