Writing Strategies 03

Reading a​ good book is​ incomparable to​ watching a​ film or​ television program .​
Yeah,​ yeah,​ I​ know what you're thinking .​
This is​ a​ pretty big and bold statement .​
I'm certain that many agree with me completely,​ while others are thinking HUH .​
Well,​ it's like this; when you watch a​ TV show or​ a​ movie,​ everything is​ happening right before your eyes .​
Not a​ great deal of​ imagination is​ required,​ because it's all in​ your face with pictures and sound .​
However,​ if​ you read a​ book,​ much is​ left up to​ you .​
The narrative,​ voice of​ each character,​ developing mental images and so forth .​
The story tends to​ be visualized in​ your mind .​
Therefore you can make it​ as​ spooky,​ gory,​ and thrilling as​ you like .​
The mystery regarding not physically seeing it​ has this effect on​ us .​
Our minds/imaginations go all over the​ place .​
Great writers know this .​
And that's why they develop awesome writing strategies in​ executing their books .​
When I​ think of​ writing,​ I​ commonly ponder screenplays .​
These are what I​ read and write .​
Unlike books,​ scripts only say what's revealed on​ the​ screen .​
You can never get into the​ mind of​ a​ character .​
You must stick with what can be seen and heard .​
Obviously this makes the​ writing strategies of​ a​ fiction writer different from those of​ a​ screenwriter .​
They are two separate entities .​
Just because you write one well,​ doesn't mean you can write the​ other .​
Now,​ what about writing strategies in​ general? What makes stories and dialog float out of​ some people and not out of​ others? Hmm,​ this is​ a​ bit tricky .​
However,​ I​ wonder if​ a​ few of​ my writing strategies would help clear things up .​
First of​ all,​ I​ like to​ be alone in​ a​ quiet place .​
This allows you to​ really delve into a​ story .​
You almost become part of​ it​ on​ another realm,​ so to​ speak .​
My emotions literally change as​ the​ story progresses and I​ feel what the​ characters feel .​
Secondly,​ I​ feel one of​ the​ best writing strategies comes from your personal experience with life .​
Use things that have actually happened,​ or​ steal ideas from events in​ your real life .​
This is​ your best material .​
Trust me! And finally,​ just go with it .​
There's no need to​ sit and dwell on​ something .​
If you don't have the​ answer,​ come back to​ it .​
Okay,​ so there it​ is​ .​
We all want effective writing strategies to​ get the​ job done with ease .​
Now,​ there is​ one last thing to​ remember .​
You may not be a​ superb writer,​ but that doesn't mean you're not a​ great re-writer .​
Drafts are the​ key to​ excellence! DON'T forget this!

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