Writing Short Articles Is Easy

Writing Short Articles Is Easy

Short article writing is​ as​ not as​ difficult as​ you think. No,​ it​ is​ not a​ daunting task if​ you know what to​ do. Just remember that when you write,​ the​ important thing is​ that you catch your reader’s attention. You must make them want to​ read what you wrote. Here are the​ tips that you can follow when writing your article?

You and Your Readers

Grab you reader’s attention. Remember that at​ first glance your title must reflect the​ benefit they would receive from reading your article. Writing compelling titles is​ an​ art itself. it​ must have pizzazz and it​ must sizzle by itself. You must create a​ title that will grab your reader’s attention and hold it. Do not be afraid to​ be outrageous even. Your introductory words or​ paragraph must tell your readers how reading your article will help them out or​ improve them. it​ must be formatted in​ such a​ way that when your readers scan your article,​ it​ would be viewed as​ a​ light,​ easy and interesting reading. How do you ensure that your article is​ easy to​ scan? Use bullets,​ headings,​ sub-headings,​ numbered lists,​ and steps.

Talk to​ your reader. Learn to​ be specific in​ your purpose and narrow down your article to​ its exact target audience. Make sure that your articles will be understood by varied audience regardless of​ their age,​ educational background or​ race. Connect to​ your reader as​ a​ friend,​ giving him an​ advice. Make your article friendly.

You and Your Topics

Prepare an​ outline. Writing would be easier also if​ you have an​ outline on​ hand. Determine the​ number of​ paragraphs you would like your article to​ have,​ your outline headings and sub points for each heading. Your outline headings must not vary from the​ main topic of​ the​ article but must be supportive of​ the​ main heading. Your subtopics for each outline headings must be related to​ the​ main heading and to​ each outline heading.

Take note that your article should be concise,​ informative and interesting. Do not write lengthy paragraphs that would bore your reader. Keep it​ short and readable. You can give examples,​ but make sure that they are short. it​ is​ also important to​ write simple sentences and use words that are understandable to​ almost any reader. Use the​ simplest words. Avoid using words which are very technical except when it​ is​ really necessary. Use words of​ direct and powerful actions and expressions. Use active voice in​ writing sentences. This would be more positive in​ impression. Do not include unnecessary or​ excessive words.

Be informative and substantive. Your article must be practical and valuable. You must do your research to​ make sure that your article will come out like you really know what you are talking about. Avoid lengthy idioms,​ analogies,​ quotes,​ anecdotes,​ and stories,​ but if​ you must give an​ example,​ make it​ short. This will ensure that your reader will get the​ information while appealing to​ their emotions. Your readers want information and definite summary of​ the​ whole article. it​ is​ this way that they will connect with you.

Writing Short Articles Is Easy

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