Writing Scripts Basics

Writing Scripts Basics

Let your Script breath...

Let a​ script breathe? Come on. a​ script isn’t human (not before your shoot it) so how can it​ breathe?

Think of​ it​ as​ a​ child,​ your child. You must have at​ least nine months of​ pregnancy to​ have a​ child. There is​ no instant child. the​ same is​ with a​ script. There is​ no time limit when you write it​ unless you are professional and someone hires you to​ write it. For a​ freelance writer it​ can take months or​ years to​ have one ready and even then it​ is​ not finished until the​ film is​ shot and edited.

You started writing knowing – more or​ less – what is​ the​ concept,​ where you are heading,​ what is​ that you want to​ express. the​ urge that made you put everything else aside and dedicate your life to​ writing the​ script.

You finally managed to​ finish a​ draft of​ the​ script - all 90 or​ 100 pages of​ it. You have now earned the​ right to​ sit back and relax. What now? What would be the​ next step? You probably can not wait to​ open the​ window and shout to​ the​ world "I did it!! My script is​ finished!!"

My advise – Don't. Don't print it​ and don't distribute free copies to​ family members and close friends. Why? because your creation is​ still a​ long way from being completed. Now you got to​ put it​ aside for at​ least a​ month or​ even more. Try to​ put it​ out of​ your mind as​ if​ you never wrote it. Let the​ script breathe for one month before you look at​ it​ again. Now read it. You will then realize that your first draft is​ not exactly a​ masterpiece. Scenes and dialogues have to​ be changed or​ deleted in​ whole or​ partly. Some of​ them are pure shit. You can't believe that you were the​ one to​ create them. Why does it​ happen after a​ month? the​ lapse of​ time gives us a​ much better perspective of​ the​ script. a​ distance. You were detached from it​ for a​ certain period and can now be much more realistic. the​ first draft is​ written from the​ guts. All your feelings – and fewer thoughts – are in​ it.

You are now ready to​ start rewriting the​ 2nd draft which is​ very painful process to​ a​ writer. Writing the​ 1st draft you fell in​ love with your words and now you realize that in​ order to​ make it​ a​ better script you got to​ be merciless and delete scenes and dialogues. I had a​ 100 pages script which I thought – after the​ 1st draft – was great. 30 pages were deleted when I worked on​ the​ 2nd draft to​ be replaced by other 10 pages. as​ a​ result the​ script looked much better and tighter.

How many drafts should you write ? No one can tell you that because the​ rewriting goes on​ even during the​ shooting of​ the​ film. But you still have a​ very long way to​ go before your script reaches the​ shooting stage. in​ Hollywood each draft of​ the​ script has a​ different color. in​ some scripts they ran out of​ colors. But do not let this discourage you because the​ roads from the​ 2nd draft to​ the​ other ones are much easier. it​ is​ a​ matter of​ fine tuning – just like a​ car.

Writing Scripts Basics

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