Writing Scholarship Essay

Fact number 1: a​ large percentage of​ scholarship applicants today fail in​ writing one of​ the​ most important stage in​ application: writing a​ good scholarship essay.

Fact number 2: You could be one of​ them.

But from these 2 facts,​ we​ can still arrive to​ a​ third one: there is​ still hope.

Yes,​ you can still write a​ scholarship essay that creates result.

Whether you are a​ writing guru or​ a​ high school slob,​ you can always write a​ good scholarship essay if​ you follow one basic writing secret (which of​ course is​ not a​ secret at​ all,​ it​ is​ just that few people follow this): simplicity.

Here are the​ tips in​ writing simple yet effective scholarship essay:

· Write as​ you speak.

“Thesaurusizing” your scholarship essay would have two effects: one,​ wrong use of​ terms will detract the​ purpose of​ the​ essay,​ and two,​ you probably will not pass. the​ thing is: keep it​ simple,​ clear and precise. Use words that are easy to​ understand like the​ words you use when you converse.

· Write interestingly.

Make sure you don’t bore your readers. Keeping up a​ lively essay would let your reader to​ finish your essay but make sure you still focus on​ the​ purpose.

· Tell about yourself

Since you are writing to​ ask a​ sort of​ “favor”,​ your reader would like to​ know more about yourself. Usually,​ most scholarship application would require you to​ pass an​ essay together with your resume. Write things about yourself that are not included on​ the​ resume.

· Keep it​ short

Write a​ short scholarship essay but it​ does not mean you omit important sentences that needs be addressed. Never be wordy on​ your essay. if​ you can pack your thoughts in​ the​ shortest possible terms,​ do so. it​ is​ better to​ read a​ 5-liner paragraph than a​ 10-liner that says the​ same thing.

· Do variations

If your first sentence starts with an​ “I”,​ the​ second sentence should be different. Be creative in​ writing your essay.

· Use active voice

Using active voice (sentences without the​ use of​ the​ word “be”) keeps reading continuous and interesting. Using passive voice on​ the​ other hand keeps the​ essay uninteresting and flat.

· Seek for opinion

If you have finished writing your essay,​ let others read it​ so that you get feedbacks. in​ this way,​ you can improve your articles more.

· Edit,​ re-edit and edit some more

Make improvements. Read your essay over and over again until you are confident that it​ is​ error-free.

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