Writing The Sat As An Intel

Writing The Sat As An Intel

If you're an​ international college applicant,​ you are probably unfamiliar with the​ format of​ the​ SAT exam.

The SAT is​ normally required for all applicants at​ most schools. Internationals are required to​ write the​ SAT as​ well as​ Americans. However,​ colleges do understand that international students may not be familiar with the​ SAT (with the​ exception of​ internationals studying in​ American schools abroad) and thus may not do as​ well as​ their American counterparts. This is​ especially true for applicants whose native language is​ not English.

Do colleges give some leniency to​ international students with regard to​ the​ SAT? the​ answer depends on​ which college is​ in​ question. Some colleges may have a​ policy whereby if​ an​ international applicant scores 2000 or​ higher,​ then SATs are out of​ the​ way. Many others have no clear policies though. at​ highly selective institutions,​ the​ difference in​ weightage for Americans and internationals may be small.

In my opinion,​ even as​ an​ international,​ you should strive to​ do as​ well as​ you can on​ the​ SAT. There’re many books that are dedicated to​ SAT preparation on​ the​ market; just browse the​ shelves of​ any well-stocked bookstore. College Board itself has produced several excellent preparation materials that you should use as​ your preparation materials. if​ you can afford it,​ you can even join one of​ the​ many prep courses available.

Why is​ it​ important? First of​ all,​ international students with high critical reading scores have considerable advantages (hook) over other international applicants. as​ there will be many internationals who willl probably not have scores in​ the​ high 700s in​ the​ critical reading section,​ scoring well earns you some advantage over the​ others. it​ shows your willingness to​ learn something totally new to​ you.

Besides,​ some universities such as​ Northwestern and Virginia will waive the​ TOEFL requirement if​ your criticial reading score is​ above a​ certain threshold,​ as​ an​ acknowledgment of​ your English proficiency. Therefore,​ doing well on​ the​ SAT can only work in​ your favor.

Writing The Sat As An Intel

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