Writing A Sales Letter Practice Tips On Making The Pitch

The meat of​ any sales letter lies in​ its ability to​ make readers pull out their wallets and buy a​ product or​ service. Making a​ sales pitch is​ difficult enough off paper; on​ paper,​ it​ has to​ be quick,​ terse,​ and convincing. a​ sales pitch has to​ be brief,​ but neither too short so that it​ appears hurried,​ nor too long so that it​ becomes less and less believable as​ the​ sentences run by. a​ sales pitch also has to​ be eager,​ but neither too eager so that the​ reader is​ tired out reading it,​ nor too staid so that the​ reader ends up bored to​ death.

Writing a​ sales letter pitch is​ difficult,​ but you can practice writing it​ by following these simple tips.

- if​ you are in​ the​ marketing or​ sales department of​ a​ company,​ writing a​ sales letter will be inevitable business for you. You might not be assigned the​ job at​ once,​ but this should be no excuse for you not to​ practice. Do not wait until you are given a​ sales letter to​ write. Start practicing,​ so that when you finally get sales letter writing duties,​ you are already an​ expert at​ the​ art and craft.

- Buy a​ good book of​ style and usage. Writing a​ sales letter does not merely mean putting together sentences and disregarding grammar,​ spelling,​ and punctuation rules. You need to​ watch your language,​ and now,​ more than ever,​ simply because it​ is​ your only weapon in​ fighting your big sales battles. a​ poorly-written sales letter can turn off customers faster than a​ poor product or​ service. After all,​ customers will not care about what you sell until they know that you care about them first. if​ you cannot care for your grammar and writing skills,​ then why should they buy anything from you? the​ last thing anyone needs is​ a​ careless person,​ and your customers know that.

- Practice the​ craft on​ products or​ services that you are familiar with. Start practicing writing sales letters on​ a​ product or​ service that you actually like and use. Although this sounds easy,​ it​ can actually be difficult. How do you make a​ product or​ service sound good without sounding like you are hollering your praises out? How can your favorite shampoo sell without you having to​ showcase how beautiful your hair has turned out? How can you make your potential customers get that spa treatment of​ their dreams without you sounding like the​ spa paid you millions to​ make the​ endorsement?

- the​ best writers are those who can sound interested in​ something that they do not even remotely like. This can be a​ good practice exercise for you if​ you have already sharpened your writing skills for the​ previous exercise. Pick a​ product or​ service that you do not like,​ and try to​ endorse it. This can prepare you for the​ times when you might be assigned to​ do a​ sales letter on​ a​ product or​ service that you do not believe in; you can always opt out and tell your boss that you do not want to​ get in​ the​ way of​ your principles,​ but this option is​ one of​ the​ biggest no-no’s in​ the​ sales and marketing world.

- as​ soon as​ you know how to​ get your sales pitch out,​ it’s time to​ trim it​ down. the​ best sales pitches are no more than a​ few hundred words long. When writing a​ sales letter,​ you need to​ keep your words convincing,​ but to​ a​ minimum. Remember,​ not all your readers have all the​ time in​ the​ world to​ listen to​ what you say. You need to​ make your little letter worth their while.

Look back at​ all your previous exercises and count how many words you used in​ describing a​ product or​ service that you liked,​ or​ did not like. How many words did you use? Did you use five hundred or​ two thousand words? Keep exercising: write the​ same sales pitch over again,​ with fewer words this time,​ but with the​ meat of​ your pitch still in​ it. Keep on​ trimming your pitch until you are left with nothing but the​ convincing summary of​ your endorsement.

Writing a​ sales letter can be difficult if​ you do not know how to​ make a​ sales pitch. as​ with any other letter,​ you need to​ be formal and respectful,​ but not stiff and boring. You need all your skills as​ a​ writer and salesperson,​ and you need to​ put them all into practice. So what are you waiting for? Pick up that pen,​ or​ get to​ that keyboard,​ and start writing a​ sales letter!

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