Writing Sales Copy That Sells

When writing a​ sales copy,​ all internet marketers know that a​ long copy will sell more than a​ short copy. This does not mean that the​ more words the​ better; the​ quantity and the​ quality of​ detail is​ what will improve its performance.

Having the​ correct sales structure will keep the​ reader interested from start to​ finish. These are the​ steps to​ follow to​ create a​ successful sales letter:

1. USE a​ POWERFUL HEADLINE. Express the​ main benefit of​ your product in​ a​ short sentence. Grab your readers attention and make them want to​ continue reading.

2. CREATE EXCITEMENT WITH a​ SUB-HEADLINE. in​ no more than two or​ three short sentences,​ expand on​ the​ benefits of​ your product and generate excitement in​ your reader. if​ you are offering a​ limited promotion,​ specify the​ limitations of​ your offer here.

3. OUTLINE the​ BENEFITS of​ YOUR PRODUCT. Give the​ reader three good reasons to​ buy your product. These reasons have nothing to​ do with the​ product's features; think about what your customer wants. For example,​ if​ you are selling holiday villas,​ say something like:

"If you want to​ take advantage of​ the​ comfort of​ a​ luxury apartment,​ enjoy the​ Mediterranean sun and save money on​ your summer vacations,​ then this might be the​ most important letter you'll ever read"

4. EXPLAIN YOUR UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION. This is​ the​ specific benefit that differentiates your product from all the​ others. at​ this point,​ you must mention your USP in​ one or​ two sentences. You will explain the​ details later in​ the​ sales letter.

5. PROVE YOUR CREDIBILITY. the​ most important thing to​ sell on​ the​ internet is​ credibility. Your readers have to​ trust you before they will buy anything from you. Give them three reasons why they should believe you. Try to​ prove that what you say is​ true.

6. EXPLAIN the​ FEATURES AND BENEFITS of​ YOUR PRODUCT. Explain how your product will improve your reader's life or​ how it​ will solve a​ problem. the​ more detail you can provide,​ the​ more convincing your copy will be.

7. PROVIDE MORE DETAIL ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT. Here is​ where you can tell the​ reader everything about your product. Use as​ much space as​ you need. Write until you get bored.

8. INCLUDE CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS. in​ order to​ continue establishing credibility,​ mention testimonials of​ customers that have already bought from you and enjoyed your product. Have them mention what they liked most about the​ product instead of​ making general comments like "I really loved your product..." or​ something similar. Mention at​ least five testimonials.

9. ELIMINATE the​ COMPETITION. You eliminate your competition by giving your reader the​ information they need to​ see that your product is​ superior. Mention the​ elements where your product is​ excellent and much better than your competition.

10. BUILD VALUE. to​ build value in​ your offer you have to​ let your readers know that your offer is​ so good,​ that they cannot refuse to​ take it. One way of​ doing this is​ to​ compare the​ value of​ your offer with the​ normal value of​ your product.

11. PROVIDE a​ SUMMARY of​ EVERYTHING YOUR CUSTOMER WILL RECEIVE. Make sure your reader understands everything he is​ going to​ get from you.

12. MENTION the​ PRICE of​ YOUR PRODUCT. Mention the​ regular price and the​ sale price of​ your product. the​ regular price must be crossed out and the​ offer must follow.

13. LIST YOUR BONUS PRODUCTS. the​ objective is​ to​ prompt immediate action by offering something extra. With this strategy,​ you are also adding value to​ your product. You can also try to​ create a​ sense of​ urgency by telling that the​ bonuses will only be available for a​ short time.

14. OFFER a​ STRONG GUARANTEE. the​ strongest guarantee you can offer is​ a​ "money back" guarantee. the​ willingness to​ offer your product at​ no risk will generate a​ lot of​ trust and confidence among your readers. You have to​ honour your guarantee for any returns you may get,​ but you can be sure that the​ sales you will generate with this strategy will be by far outnumber the​ number of​ returns.

15. RE-EMPHASIZE YOUR GUARANTEE. Remove all elements of​ risk by closing your sales copy with something like:

"You don't have to​ decide now if​ this product is​ for you. Just get it​ and try it​ out. if​ it​ doesn't do everything I say and more,​ if​ you don't save money,​ or​ if​ your business doesn't improve,​ or​ if​ your life isn't better,​ or​ if​ you don't absolutely love it,​ just let me know and I'll give you every cent of​ your money back! So you have nothing to​ lose and everything to​ gain."

16. TELL THEM HOW to​ ORDER YOUR PRODUCT. Provide detailed instructions about how to​ place the​ order.

17. SIGN the​ LETTER. Use your full name and title.

18. CLOSE WITH a​ "P.S." Use this part to​ emphasize the​ most relevant points of​ your letter.

Remember that this will be a​ long sales copy that will take your readers some time to​ read. With this in​ mind,​ you must work on​ the​ format and design of​ the​ copy so that it​ is​ as​ friendly as​ possible. Highlight the​ most important statements,​ so that the​ letter can also be read in​ one or​ two minutes.

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