Writing Resumes Without Mistakes

Writing Resumes without Mistakes
Resume and curriculum vitae act as​ entry tickets to​ a​ job .​
Today’s world is​ full of​ competition .​
a​ prospective employer is​ in​ search for a​ person who is​ active,​ productive,​ and skillful in​ nature and with a​ positive attitude .​
the​ resume should reflect the​ attitude and details of​ education,​ age,​ qualification,​ experience etc .​
The resume should be written with relevance to​ the​ particular job .​
Gone are the​ days where one resume was used for all the​ jobs .​
the​ resume should be attractive enough to​ catch the​ attention of​ the​ employer among the​ thousands of​ resumes .​
It is​ important that the​ resume should be free from any common mistakes.
Effective resume writing:
An effective resume should contain basic sections viz.,​ complete and powerful contact information,​ headline of​ what is​ being offered by the​ employee to​ the​ employer,​ summary of​ skills – highlighting relevant skills will be an​ added advantage,​ professional experience which has to​ be relevant and last but not the​ least educational qualification- details of​ grades,​ year of​ passing etc .​
An effective resume will be free from grammatical and spelling mistakes .​
This shows the​ command over the​ language .​
Hence,​ it​ is​ very important to​ proof-read more than twice to​ avoid any mistakes in​ the​ resume.
Common mistakes in​ a​ resume:
The resume with irrelevant contents is​ a​ common mistake,​ like the​ information regarding the​ children,​ spouse,​ hobbies etc and also when applying for a​ computer job,​ it​ is​ irrelevant to​ show an​ experience of​ a​ position held as​ an​ accountant.
When using creative fonts,​ one has to​ be very careful .​
It might be easier to​ read on​ the​ computer of​ the​ person writing the​ resume,​ but not necessarily it​ can be readable in​ the​ employer’s computer .​
If the​ font is​ not found in​ the​ computer it​ will show bizarre information.
The resume should not be like a​ job application,​ the​ previous employer’s name,​ contact information of​ the​ previous employer; reasons for leaving the​ job are irrelevant in​ the​ resume.
Never get obsessed about the​ length of​ the​ resume but focus on​ the​ content .​
Also personal pronouns like I,​ me should be avoided,​ as​ it​ might pose you as​ an​ egoistic person.
When sending resumes to​ multiple recruiters never send it​ via one email,​ as​ personalized addressing is​ very important.

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