Writing An Request For Proposal Rfp

Writing An Request For Proposal Rfp

Writing an​ Request for Proposal (RFP)
A while back,​ a​ potential client provided me with some general details of​ the​ writing work he wanted me to​ do for his company .​
Then he asked me to​ send him a​ proposal.
Proposal?! I​ panicked as​ I​ tried to​ confirm with him what he meant by that since I​ had never done one before,​ at​ least not as​ a​ freelancer.
I must've not really wanted to​ pursue this opportunity since I​ didn't bother to​ do research or​ follow up with the​ company after submitting a​ contract instead of​ a​ proposal .​
a​ little time passed,​ I​ came across an​ article on​ writing RFPs (Request for Proposal) .​
Ding! the​ light bulb went on​ .​
This guy verbally gave me his RFP and wanted a​ written response.
When a​ company needs a​ project to​ be completed by a​ contractor or​ outside source,​ they write a​ RFP .​
This is​ a​ formal document describing the​ project,​ how the​ contract companies should respond,​ how the​ proposals will be reviewed,​ and contact information .​
Often,​ the​ company documents the​ submission guidelines to​ make it​ easier for them to​ compare responses .​
There are no specific standards or​ guidelines for creating the​ RFP,​ but government agencies usually strict standards they follow when conducting the​ proposal process.
Outside companies read the​ RFP and write a​ proposal (a bid) explaining how they can best provide and meet those needs .​
When writing the​ proposal,​ the​ company should closely follow the​ guidelines established in​ the​ RFP to​ avoid being removed from consideration for the​ potential project.
A typical proposal contains:
Executive summary - summary of​ the​ entire proposal
Statement of​ need - why project is​ necessary
Project description - How project will be implemented and evaluated
Organization information
Project schedule
My situation was an​ informal version of​ all this .​
The client gave me a​ high level overview of​ what I​ might do for him .​
If I​ knew then what I​ know now,​ I​ would've written up a​ description of​ the​ client's needs and how I​ would complete the​ work in​ meeting those needs .​

Small businesses would likely do a​ proposal in​ between the​ one I​ got and the​ complex government required ones .​
Most small businesses will be prompted to​ write a​ proposal when approaching a​ client .​
The client may ask you to​ submit a​ proposal outlining what you can do for them .​
In this case,​ write a​ proposal including the​ elements of​ a​ typical proposal and keep it​ short and to​ the​ point especially if​ the​ client is​ not a​ large company.
There are examples of​ RFPs and responses peppered throughout the​ Web,​ but which one you can learn from depends on​ the​ type of​ work involved .​
a​ proposal can be two pages or​ as​ big as​ a​ book .​
Rely on​ your favorite search engine and do the​ research to​ create an​ unbeatable proposal.

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