Writing A Profile With Spark

Writing A Profile With Spark

A profile is​ an​ online representation of​ yourself so why not represent the​ best parts of​ you? There are four areas of​ a​ profile that you should keep in​ mind: honesty,​ creativity,​ research,​ writing. By mastering these areas,​ you will be able to​ write an​ excellent and self-elevating profile that can capture anyone's attention.

Part One: Honesty

Always be honest with the​ readers of​ your profile; remember that you and the​ others on​ the​ site are searching for that special someone--how can a​ relationship grow when there is​ deceit from the​ beginning?
Speak candidly about who you are and what you are looking for. Then,​ at​ least you will know that,​ when someone messages you,​ they are genuinely interested. Putting up a​ pretense will only summon people who are interested in​ your lies; this will not build a​ solid relationship.
Being honest doesn't mean to​ be sell yourself short; you don't have to​ dwell on​ your faults and misgivings. Showcase your good qualities (just don't exaggerate).

Part Two: Creativity

Nothing can turn a​ potential relationship sour more than a​ dull profile. There are thousands upon thousands of​ people looking for the​ exact same thing you are: a​ genuine connection. You must be able to​ catch their attention.
Try to​ avoid using phrases like Looking for Mr. Perfect? or​ in​ Search of​ That Special Lady? or​ descriptions like hard-working?,​ romantic? and attractive?. These are all cliche and overdone. Spice your profile up with original ideas!
Show off your strengths. Give your readers anecdotes or​ narratives that display you in​ a​ good light.
Get yourself a​ thesaurus. as​ silly as​ this may sound,​ a​ thesaurus can help you avoid using words that have been used too many times before.
Do not use letters to​ describe yourself; for example,​ SWF (single white female) can mean a​ variety of​ things to​ a​ variety of​ people. Don't limit yourself to​ this.

Part Three: Research

You know what kind of​ relationship you want; whether it​ be a​ friend,​ a​ casual date,​ or​ something as​ deep as​ a​ marital partner,​ you have a​ clear picture in​ your mind of​ how far you are willing to​ go. Seek out people with that same goal.

Write a​ profile that will appeal to​ the​ kind of​ person you're after; the​ only way they can find you is​ if​ you help them. Check out other profiles for ideas.

If you receive interest with your profile but still can't seem to​ find that right person,​ then go do some online window-shopping. Scan through profiles,​ find some that catch your attention,​ and start messaging. They don't all have to​ come to​ you.

Part Four: Writing

So,​ you've gathered your information and you have a​ clear idea of​ what you want out of​ this site; however,​ your writing seems a​ little...lifeless. Be careful of​ this! By paying attention to​ the​ three steps before you,​ you should be able to​ write a​ profile that is​ distinctly you.

This is​ an​ example of​ what not to​ do: I'm a​ SBM looking for a​ SF. Good looking,​ funny. Message me. Eyes are going to​ glaze over; you cannot limit yourself like this. it​ will only hurt you.

Spice it​ up: I am a​ 22-year-old female,​ blessed with long,​ blonde hair and big,​ brown eyes. I'm short,​ only 5'4,​ but what I lack in​ size,​ I make up for in​ spirit. I am looking for someone that can keep up with me; come and get me,​ boys. She gives a​ description and a​ challenge,​ all within a​ few sentences ”you don't have to​ be long-winded to​ get the​ point across.

A good profile can bring you all of​ the​ attention you want and lead you to​ a​ successful relationship; follow these steps to​ what you want.

Writing A Profile With Spark

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