Writing A Online Dating Profile Does Your Dating Profile Suck

Writing A Online Dating Profile Does Your Dating Profile Suck

“I might not be Fred Flintstone,​ but I can still make your bed rock!”

Come on. You can do better than that. When putting together your dating profile,​ avoid pick up lines like the​ above. I have seen dating profiles with these kinds of​ subject lines. You have to​ be a​ lot more romantic than the​ above line. the​ above subject line is​ too raw. You have to​ bring it​ down a​ notch.

Here are some tips to​ help you when putting together your dating profile.

1.Do not use negativity in​ your profile. This is​ a​ big turn off. “You don’t need to​ have car keys to​ drive me crazy.” Or,​ “I may not look like much,​ but I am drinking milk.” “If you want me,​ come and get me.” Ridiculous lines in​ a​ dating profile do not work. You have to​ be positive in​ your profile because you want to​ make a​ great first lasting impression. You do not want to​ come across as​ a​ jerk. if​ you use the​ above lines,​ you will come across as​ a​ jerk.

2.Build curiosity in​ your profile. a​ terrific subject line could be,​ “Have you ever been to​ Fogo De Chao?” This is​ curiosity. You want that man or​ women to​ click on​ to​ read more. a​ dater would be curious to​ know what is​ Fogo De Chao? (Between you and I,​ this is​ a​ fabulous Brazilian steak house.) You can go on​ from there and add more. Here’s another. “Have you ever been to​ Utopia? Let’s experience our two minds together as​ one.”

3.People like to​ hear a​ short story about you in​ your profile. Give one just a​ little taste of​ who you are. “I am a​ fire fighter and I am also working on​ pursuing my passion to​ open a​ sports bar while still working as​ a​ fire fighter.” Daters want to​ read details about you. Give it​ to​ them. This will let a​ dater know that you are going places and you have goals.

4.Always be honest in​ your dating profile and display real photos of​ you. if​ you lost some weight or​ even gained some,​ have an​ up to​ date photo showing how you look today.

5.Never say your name is​ Wayne. Do not use your real name. Come up with a​ screen name that stands out and shows a​ little bit of​ your character. Also make sure you capitalize each letter in​ your screen name and never put numbers behind your name.”IAmForReal”,​“GorgeousBrownEyes”,​ etc.You should get the​ point.

6.People like to​ be with winners. Bring out the​ self confidence in​ you. Walk the​ walk. if​ you are self confident in​ who you are,​ then you should not have a​ problem here at​ all.

7.Make sure you put in​ your profile what you can offer and the​ kind of​ person you are looking for. These tips should help in​ getting many responses to​ your dating profile. Get noticed….

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