Writing Memorable Poetry Verses

There are many occasions in​ life that spur people into writing memorable poetry verses. Some of​ these verses might come when we​ fall in​ love for the​ first time or​ they may come when we​ are exposed to​ a​ memorable experience that touches our heart in​ one way or​ another. Writing memorable poetry verses will only require a​ conscious effort since there is​ no true form to​ use to​ express the​ writing of​ poetry.

Some of​ our earliest recollections about writing memorable poetry verses might come from grade school. the​ time tested exposure to​ red roses and violets will lead us to​ create several sentences that tell some other people why we​ love them so much. Perhaps they already know that sugar is​ sweet,​ but they may not have any clue that someone loves them and to​ hear that verse is​ a​ memorable experience.

Other people begin writing memorable poetry verses after they have buried a​ best friend. the​ older tombstones at​ the​ cemetery might have verses of​ poetry on​ them that convey the​ true spirit of​ a​ person that might have lived 100 years ago. Some people are so enchanted by the​ verses that they read on​ some of​ the​ tombstones that they begin writing memorable poetry verses that can be used on​ greeting cards.

Many poets will begin writing memorable poetry verses to​ convey a​ message. These messages might be long and drawn out and by the​ time the​ verses are completed the​ words have developed into a​ play. Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet in​ Acts that turned the​ verses of​ poetry into real life conjectures that conveyed how seriously people take falling in​ love.

When writing memorable poetry verses,​ poets should consider the​ power of​ the​ written words and realize that some people are willing to​ commit suicide from the​ emotion that comes from reading the​ words put to​ paper. People choose to​ compare their lives and their relationships to​ Romeo and Juliet and end up making the​ wrong choices in​ how to​ deal with their disparity. the​ poet is​ not at​ fault for how others perceive the​ end product of​ the​ he spent writing memorable poetry verses that anyone could find solace or​ pleasure reading.

Love is​ a​ powerful emotion that can enrich lives and form commitments that may last a​ lifetime. Many marriage ceremonies include poetry that the​ Bride and Groom speak to​ each other. They are writing memorable poetry verses that convey words of​ commitment and fidelity but are more personable because they are spoken when they are standing in​ front of​ a​ congregation of​ family and friends.

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