Writing Killer Press Release For Massive Publicity

Writing Killer Press Release For Massive Publicity

Writing Killer Press Release for Massive Publicity
Online marketers are always on​ the​ lookout for promotional channels that are novel and are yet to​ be saturated with the​ unfortunate stigma of​ marketing abuse .​
Different people are constantly trying to​ find new ways by which they could promote their online enterprises .​

One of​ the​ newer,​ and most effective,​ marketing strategies are press releases .​
Press releases are informative and objective pieces which are supposed to​ be newsworthy,​ and are circulated in​ PR wires for pickup by various news groups and editors .​
Once a​ press release is​ picked up,​ it​ can be published in​ various channels all over the​ Internet,​ or​ even through print publications.
Immediately,​ the​ sharp marketing mind would be able to​ see the​ grand potentials of​ press releases as​ amazing tools that would help them spread the​ word about their business .​
Imagine the​ promising things that await if​ ever a​ press release is​ picked up or​ print or​ online publication .​
Such would be tantamount to​ instantaneous exposure for your business to​ entirely new audiences!
However,​ you cannot simply write a​ press release the​ same way you would an​ article,​ or​ a​ content piece,​ or​ a​ sales letter .​
To employ the​ same style with press releases would be to​ court disaster .​
Your press release won’t be accepted by newswires,​ hence,​ it​ won’t have the​ chance to​ get picked up.
So how exactly should you write a​ press release? Let’s take a​ look at​ the​ guidelines below.
* Pay attention to​ the​ 5 Ws .​
These are Who,​ What,​ When,​ Where and Why .​
These are the​ questions which your press release should focus on​ .​
If you’re going to​ write a​ press release for your dog grooming business,​ for example,​ you should be able to​ state who you are,​ what your business is​ about,​ when it​ will,​ or​ was,​ launched,​ where it​ can be found and why it​ was established .​
If you are going to​ launch,​ or​ just launched,​ a​ new product,​ you would have to​ state who the​ creator is,​ what the​ product is​ all about,​ when it​ was or​ will be launched,​ where it​ can be bought,​ and why it​ was introduced to​ the​ market.
* Be objective .​
Remember,​ a​ press release should be a​ newsworthy item .​
News is​ never subjective .​
Stay away from flowery words that merely tend to​ hype up what you want to​ discuss .​
Stick with the​ facts,​ and ONLY the​ facts .​
You are writing news,​ not a​ promotional piece.
* the​ ultimate aim is​ to​ promote your product,​ but be subtle about it .​
To do this,​ reorient your focus .​
Try to​ make your press release informative instead of​ persuasive .​
Remember,​ you’re not writing a​ sales copy .​
You’re writing something that would announce your business or​ your product.
* There are three parts to​ a​ press release: the​ headline,​ the​ summary,​ and the​ body .​
the​ headline is​ the​ title of​ your piece .​
the​ summary is​ a​ paragraph that would serve as​ an​ introduction to​ your press release,​ or​ a​ summary of​ its most salient contents .​
the​ body is​ where you objectively discuss the​ 5 Ws.
* Length is​ not a​ factor .​
Don’t ever think that if​ you write a​ longer press release,​ it​ would have a​ better chance of​ getting picked up .​
Often,​ the​ rule is,​ the​ more concise your press release,​ the​ better its chances are of​ success .​
a​ 1,​000 word piece is​ considered a​ little too lengthy for a​ press release .​
300 to​ 700 words are succinct enough for this purpose.
Press releases can win for your business the​ exposure it​ needs .​
It is​ capable of​ instantaneous results for as​ long your press release gets picked up and published .​
a​ lot of​ Internet marketers have testified to​ the​ power of​ press releases as​ marketing tools .​
So put on​ your thinking cap and commence to​ write an​ objective and informative piece about your business or​ product,​ observe the​ guidelines we​ have delineated above,​ and ready yourself for the​ new audience you’re most certain to​ garner.
Of course this short article only gives you a​ brief guideline about writing effective press release .​
If you wish to​ learn more then I​ suggest you to​ download Press Release Magic,​ a​ 70-pages PDF manual that will give you more insight about how to​ promote your business using the​ power of​ press release .​
Here’s the​ download link:

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