Writing Is An Art Form

Writing Is An Art Form

Every day,​ I have to​ contemplate my lengthening career as​ a​ writer. I used to​ also be an​ artist,​ back before I became physically disabled in​ 1998,​ and regularly drew pictures in​ pen and ink. I was thinking of​ transferring over to​ some computer pad-style drawing technology so I could create graphics and artwork on​ the​ computer directly. But since becoming what they call “physically challenged,​” I have a​ hard time with drawing. It’s easier just to​ type,​ edit or​ otherwise work with a​ keyboard. And I have an​ over twenty year long career as​ a​ writer and editor to​ draw from as​ I continue to​ write every day.

It fascinates me as​ a​ ghost writer and an​ editor the​ many subject areas that my clients are willing to​ create books about. One will want to​ write his or​ her life story,​ such as​ the​ author who approached me recently regarding his life story as​ a​ transgenderal person. He changed from female to​ male,​ and he is​ now married and a​ father of​ two children,​ not his own,​ as​ the​ surgery doesn’t yet allow transgenderal persons to​ procreate. Another will want to​ write a​ children’s fantasy chapter book,​ an​ adult science fiction dark fantasy warehouse party series of​ books,​ a​ how to​ book on​ beauty and fashion,​ a​ book about the​ Nazis and a​ Jewish uprising against them,​ a​ book by a​ former Nazi who wants to​ tell us about what it​ was like being forced into the​ party…etc.,​ etc.,​ etc. There is​ no limit to​ the​ types of​ subjects my authors,​ many of​ whom are putting out their very first books,​ will want to​ write about.

Some are the​ type of​ book which may or​ may not sell all that well,​ while others are almost a​ guaranteed best seller,​ having a​ crowd of​ buyers ready to​ purchase the​ books. I almost prefer working with the​ first group of​ authors,​ even though their books don’t pay as​ much money as​ my more lucrative authors’ books do. it​ warms my soul to​ support first timers who have an​ interesting and valuable story to​ put out before the​ reading public. I usually only charge $3000 for people like these to​ ghost write their books for them. But when it​ comes to​ a​ potentially lucrative book,​ I charge a​ percentage of​ what the​ author makes over time from the​ book sales. These types of​ books are the​ “coffee table” type you have heard of,​ such as​ a​ book by the​ gentleman who took the​ nude photos of​ the​ “other woman” in​ an​ infamous murder case. They sell well,​ but the​ material in​ them is​ often only timely or​ flashy,​ and immaterial over time as​ earnest literature. I much prefer working for people who have books in​ their souls that contain stories worth the​ telling,​ more so than the​ stories worth money to​ a​ flashy author with a​ coffee table book.

I make enough money at​ my regular writing projects to​ support my habit of​ preferring to​ work with the​ first time author crowd. Some of​ those people’s books do sell well over time,​ and it’s worth it​ to​ me to​ put the​ time and effort into ghost writing or​ editing them that it​ takes to​ really polish their work to​ a​ gleaming shine and make it​ productive and meaningful as​ timeless literature or​ educational material. This means more to​ me than a​ large check paid for the​ type of​ book I truly hate to​ see my name associated with,​ and I feel very proud to​ have more of​ the​ first timers’ works on​ my record than those. I guess in​ the​ end it’s a​ tradeoff: timeless creation of​ worthy literature versus timely production of​ flashy,​ self-gratifying stuff that may not make me feel good to​ write it. Not that I don’t regularly take on​ that kind of​ project. I need those books to​ get by and make money. But it​ always gladdens me when I can write something that really makes the​ author feel like he or​ she has produced a​ very fine book,​ and which is​ something that will truly lend credit and greater credence to​ my professional name and career as​ a​ writer.

I think it​ lends the​ greatest justice to​ my lengthening writing and editing career to​ help people get out the​ work that holds the​ most promise over time,​ not the​ most best selling work that is​ only timely and lucrative and which will soon gather only dust somewhere. Writing is​ an​ art form,​ not a​ mass market for producing coffee table books that sell.

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