Writing In Exchange For Bread On The Table

Some people say that I have it​ all – I disagree. I constantly have to​ struggle with this love-hate relationship I have with writing. I love reading,​ that’s for sure. And I love to​ write….about myself as​ and when I want to. But when I am required to​ write about something like….say….how to​ change the​ black oil in​ a​ car or​ how to​ pick the​ right motherboard for your computer….I have to​ literally drag myself to​ the​ computer and prompt my fingers to​ move.

This is​ the​ relationship I have with writing. It’s because I make a​ living out of​ churning out articles after articles…sometimes completing up to​ 30 articles a​ day face to​ face with a​ deadly deadline….it is​ not such a​ heavenly life after all.

It’s ironic that I spent a​ large part of​ my life looking for the​ right thing to​ do. Something that excites me and challenges me. Something that I WANT to​ do instead of​ being FORCED to​ do. I hate being forced into doing something but this is​ sometimes called the​ ‘REAL WORLD’. Even when you love doing something and you start having people telling you HOW to​ write your articles,​ or​ books,​ it​ begins to​ lose its initial appeal.

And yet,​ despite turning into a​ drudgery of​ kind,​ I continue to​ write. Writing is​ what I do best. Because my husband would turn to​ me in​ the​ dead of​ night,​ awakened by some kind of​ swearing and the​ tap-tap-tap of​ my keyboard,​ he shakes his head and says,​ “Gosh,​ you’re still writing? Why?”

I hiss back. “Because I am paid to​ do this. Because I LOVE this. It’s my job. It’s my life. This is​ what I am being paid to​ do,​ you moron!”

With a​ chuckle,​ knowing me,​ he turns his back on​ me and goes back to​ sleep. Smart ass!

While over the​ years,​ many other opportunities came a-knocking on​ my door and I wondered if​ I would do better if​ I did something else. Oh,​ I would still write but I will write my own stuff. My own novel. My own articles. My own blog. Whatever…my own diary. But no one else will ever get the​ chance to​ tell me how to​ write the​ things I write – NEVER!!!

And yet,​ surprisingly,​ I turn my back on​ those opportunities because I know I love to​ write. Like I said. I write for a​ living and secretly love it. if​ I started selling insurance or​ doing real estate,​ it​ would be like…so superficial. So temporary. But when I write…I write well and I do it​ quickly,​ fast and very efficiently. And I sometimes feel proud of​ myself…although my fingers and eyes were throbbing like an​ earthquake waiting to​ happen.

Writing is​ a​ passion. if​ you have a​ passion for writing,​ you’ll start writing passionately and whatever comes out is​ a​ masterpiece in​ its own right. Every single article that I’ve ever written,​ I am proud of​ them. I treat them like my little babies. I’ve lost count of​ the​ number of​ ‘babies’ I have today but all those articles that I have written,​ they are a​ part of​ me.

And I have learnt how to​ write efficiently and quickly without sounding like a​ train running out of​ steam. Get going,​ get going,​ get going. Come on,​ go on​ with it,​ write,​ write,​ write. And then after you’ve completed the​ article,​ go back and dissect them and inject some botox into them. if​ you stick around the​ first few sentences and try to​ get it​ perfect right from the​ start,​ you’ll never complete the​ article.

And with this secret (which is​ not a​ really a​ secret to​ begin with),​ I am now making my life as​ a​ writer.

Do I still love writing after spending the​ last 7 years writing on​ topics that are completely dry and arid to​ me? Well….I love to​ hate it​ …and sometimes I hate to​ love it.

I believe I will continue writing until I am lying on​ my deathbed….breathing my last few breaths….I can imagine myself saying,​ “Honey,​ get me my keyboard…I want to​ be buried with it.”

Once a​ writer,​ always a​ writer.

Evidence: I took a​ total of​ 3 mins 22 seconds to​ write this whole article.

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