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Writers are constantly on​ the​ look out for new information and resources to​ improve upon their craft .​
the​ education of​ writing is​ ongoing and most writers,​ whether aspiring or​ professional,​ are aware that in​ order to​ stay on​ top of​ the​ game they must be constantly learning and improving upon their skills .​
When looking for writing help there are many resources to​ consider.
One resource that offers writing help is​ the​ various writing magazines and books that are available at​ your local book store .​
No matter what kind of​ writing career you are interested in​ pursuing there is​ a​ book or​ magazine that focuses on​ your genre .​
Books that are genre focused can be very helpful as​ they offer advice specific to​ that market .​
One should not ignore the​ books that offer more general writing help though .​
Topics such as​ grammar,​ researching markets,​ and working with editors are beneficial to​ any writer,​ no matter what genre they choose to​ focus on.
If you are looking for help with writing a​ novel,​ there are many writing groups online that will provide advice from professionals that will guide you along your journey .​
One of​ the​ challenges that novel writers struggle with most is​ inspiration and motivation .​
If that is​ the​ case for you as​ well,​ a​ writing community can provide both of​ those to​ help keep you going .​
Getting community feed back as​ your novel progresses is​ encouraging and can help you if​ you are in​ a​ rut.
A home study course may be just what you need to​ help get you published if​ you are a​ new writer .​
Home study courses,​ available online and through the​ mail,​ can give you inside advice and teach you tricks of​ the​ trade that you may not become familiar with otherwise .​
a​ home study course gives you the​ benefit of​ being able to​ study and learn in​ your own time .​
With writing help like exercises and writing practice techniques,​ you’ll soon find yourself on​ the​ way to​ becoming a​ published writer .​

If becoming a​ writer is​ the​ path you have chosen you will find that at​ some point or​ another you will need some writing help,​ whether you feel your dialogue needs to​ be more realistic or​ you just need a​ little inspiration to​ get in​ front of​ your computer everyday .​
With all the​ information that is​ available to​ writers today,​ finding writing help is​ not difficult and you’ll soon find yourself putting words together more effectively than ever before.
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