Writing Help You Should Use Your Calendar To Improve Your Writing

Writing Help You Should Use Your Calendar To Improve Your Writing

Many of​ my students shrug their shoulders at​ the​ beginning of​ the​ semester when I tell them that time is​ their best friend. Just like my students,​ too many writers struggle with their writing because they treat time as​ a​ four letter word. However time is​ not the​ enemy if​ you learn to​ use it​ wisely. Time can be a​ tremendous help when you write if​ you plan ahead. Making a​ wise use of​ your time is​ a​ three-step process.

First,​ allow yourself enough time to​ live with the​ idea you plan to​ write about. Do not write. Give yourself permission to​ jot down notes but it​ is​ wisest to​ simply make these hard copy (or handwritten) notes. You want to​ give your muse,​ your subconscious mind,​ your brain,​ or​ whatever part of​ you that does your heavy lifting when it​ comes to​ writing,​ time to​ work. During this time just go about your normal life and work on​ other tasks,​ writing and otherwise. There is​ no need to​ schedule time to​ simply think about your future writing task. it​ is​ going on​ whether or​ not you pay attention to​ it. However every day you can give yourself for this process will save you much time,​ energy,​ and agony later on. Trust me. I have been there and I know whereof I speak.

Second,​ once you have given your brain some time to​ work out your rough draft (or at​ least the​ bones of​ it) then it​ is​ time to​ start writing. However before you start writing you should work out a​ schedule for yourself. Set goals and limitations and then stick to​ them. Perhaps you will write for a​ set amount of​ time or​ you might rather set a​ certain page count for your goal. Some days it​ will be a​ struggle to​ meet your goal and other days it​ will be almost painful to​ stop when you have met your quota,​ but over time your brain and writing muscles will become accustomed to​ the​ goal and the​ writing will come easier and faster.

Third,​ and this is​ where you need to​ pull out your calendar,​ you need to​ plan your schedule so you have plenty of​ time for that initial period of​ thought,​ a​ workable writing schedule,​ and time for drafts as​ well as​ time for breaks between drafts. Writing and revising through multiple drafts is​ one of​ the​ essentials to​ improving your writing product but if​ you do not allow sufficient time between those drafts then you might as​ well not bother with drafts at​ all. You need to​ give your brain time to​ rest and you need to​ allow yourself some distance from the​ initial creation.

Time is​ a​ writer's best friend but only if​ you plan ahead sufficiently to​ allow time to​ live with your writing idea,​ plan a​ workable schedule,​ and give yourself time off between drafts. Pulling out your calendar and planning out a​ writing schedule can be the​ single biggest step you take to​ improve your writing.

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