Writing A Good Headline For Your Advertisement

Writing A Good Headline For Your Advertisement

Writing a​ good headline for your advertisement
There is​ no denying the​ fact that the​ success of​ an​ advertisement lies mostly in​ the​ headline .​
The headline should attract the​ reader and make him read the​ rest of​ the​ advertisement .​
The headline should be simply catchy and various key points should be embedded when deciding on​ the​ headline for the​ ad .​
The headline should catch attention of​ the​ eye at​ the​ first glance .​
Words in​ headlines should act as​ tags for the​ advertisement .​
It should say it​ all about the​ content that follows .​
If a​ company is​ selling reasonably priced furniture,​ the​ headline of​ their advertisement should be ‘Durable furniture for less price’ .​
This headline will attract the​ right customers who are on​ a​ look out for durable furniture as​ well as​ low cost furniture .​
If the​ customers to​ be reached belong to​ a​ category that are interested in​ decorating their house with beautiful furniture and aren’t concerned about the​ price to​ get the​ right look,​ then the​ headline can be ‘Change how your house looks by our oriental furniture’ .​
Anything other than the​ prospects should not be included in​ the​ headline .​
If both men and women can use a​ product,​ both of​ them should be referred to​ in​ the​ title,​ missing out even one of​ the​ category is​ like losing a​ huge number of​ potential customers .​

The title should be instant product seller .​
According to​ a​ research,​ five times more readers read just the​ headline when compared to​ those who read the​ complete advertisement .​
So the​ investment is​ of​ no use,​ if​ the​ title isn’t good enough to​ sell the​ product .​
There can be a​ possibility that the​ content of​ the​ ad isn’t strong enough .​
All the​ harm can be undone by having a​ powerful headline .​
The headline should be centered on​ the​ product and not the​ company that is​ selling the​ product .​
The customer’s interest should be reflected and he should feel that he is​ directly addressed .​
Start with ‘you’ and not ‘we’ .​
So if​ the​ client specified on​ mentioning the​ company’s name,​ don’t start the​ sentence with it .​
For example,​ instead of​ writing ‘Tylenol – solution for sever cold ’,​ write ‘Got sever cold? Try Tylenol’ .​
Never forget to​ mention the​ name of​ the​ product in​ the​ headline .​
The product name should be of​ top priority .​
A snapshot of​ the​ benefits of​ the​ product should be given in​ the​ headline .​
This is​ an​ important quality of​ a​ well-phrased headline .​
The customers look out for advantages when he thinks of​ buying a​ product .​
Keywords like whiter teeth,​ nutritious cereals,​ or​ miraculous growth should be incorporated in​ the​ title .​
If inculcating all these factors have made the​ headline long,​ it​ should be remembered to​ write the​ product advantages in​ bold .​
If a​ visual is​ placed in​ the​ advertisement,​ it​ will be a​ good complement .​
As a​ picture speak thousand words .​
But care should be taken that the​ headline should say some part of​ the​ story and the​ visual should say the​ rest .​
Don’t repeat the​ headline or​ the​ picture .​

Too much of​ cleverness should not be applied to​ design a​ headline .​
There are nearly five hundred advertisements in​ a​ local newspaper on​ weekends .​
a​ regular reader reads the​ headings of​ all of​ them .​
He will be able to​ classify between a​ false heading and a​ genuine heading .​
No false promises or​ information should be included in​ the​ headline .​
Over smart headlines are good for award competitions,​ but don’t really work with the​ savvy customers .​
The headline should give out a​ positive feeling to​ the​ reader .​
Negativity should be totally excluded as​ it​ not only creates a​ negative impression but the​ mind will also be not receptive friendly .​
It sometimes confuses the​ mind and it​ interprets a​ negative meaning of​ the​ message being delivered .​
Confidence should be reflected in​ the​ headline .​
Don’t include any doubtful words like if​ and but .​
Conditional phrases are a​ strict no .​
The sentence should be in​ present tense,​ instead of​ past or​ future.

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