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It is​ no secret that a​ good way to​ gain publicity and visitors for your website is​ to​ submit articles on​ quality sites. at​ the​ same time I strongly believe that submitting your articles on​ sites which share the​ same niche (or category) as​ yours is​ a​ better way to​ indicate search engines about the​ category of​ your article. For example it​ does not make a​ lot of​ sense to​ publish an​ article of​ travel or​ tourism on​ a​ finance website or​ a​ technology blog. the​ visitors of​ a​ travel website are likely to​ be in​ a​ mindset of​ vacation ideas,​ hotels,​ airline deals,​ events and travel attractions. Now if​ a​ visitor comes across your article on​ a​ travel site,​ it​ not only provides a​ reference link back to​ your website but most important the​ person is​ actually interested in​ that niche.

We will briefly put together a​ few points which one should consider while submitting their articles. we​ have selected travel niche as​ an​ example for these article writing tips.

1. Basic strategy of​ writing articles:
Your article should be written in​ simple English and easily understandable my most users. it​ does not need to​ be too long but usually recommended no little than 300 words,​ preferably more around 500 words. Clearly state what the​ travel article is​ about,​ use short paragraphs and bullet points. Always provide true facts,​ good or​ bad. Consider using use numbers and figures in​ the​ text in​ your articles wherever applicable.

2. Title:
Always use good attention-grabbing titles which not only contain your main keywords,​ but also give the​ brief idea to​ the​ users that what your travel article is​ about.

3. Keyword density:
Well if​ your article is​ about New York tourism then we​ recommended that you should have it​ in​ your title and multiple times in​ the​ body of​ your article. There are several free tools available on​ the​ internet to​ evaluate your article's keyword density.

4. Link to​ your site:
If you have a​ website,​ then you should certainly provide a​ link back to​ your site,​ if​ this article is​ about a​ section inside your site then consider giving the​ inner link over your homepage.

5. Bookmark your article with Sites: Once submit travel article and it​ is​ published you should consider it​ book marking using Delicious,​ Reddit,​ Digg and Stumble upon. Since these are social bookmark sites,​ this will also deliver significant traffic to​ your website. Similarly subscribing to​ the​ RSS feed using sites like bloglines and netvibes has similar advantages.

6. Write often: People and search engines are always looking for new articles. You will not only have more links pointing back to​ your site but also real organic traffic.

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