Writing For Your Weight Loss Success

Motivation is​ one of​ the​ key variables for the​ equation that yields long term weight loss success. the​ question is​ how do you maintain the​ motivation to​ attain the​ ultimate goal? Regardless if​ your weight loss goal is​ 20 pounds or​ 100 pounds you must change your thinking to​ change your behavior and writing makes that happen.

Weight loss really does begin in​ your head. Every successful athlete understands that his thinking process is​ either working for him or​ against him. the​ same holds true with weight loss. if​ your internal dialogue is​ negative,​ your results will eventually manifest the​ same result! You can’t degrade yourself to​ a​ healthy new you! You must change your thinking to​ work for you,​ to​ build your resolve,​ and to​ maintain that all important motivational factor.

Writing is​ an​ exercise that will help your mind change its thinking! it​ allows you to​ process the​ negative emotions and helps to​ instill the​ positive changes. Start with these simple exercises:

1. the​ Negative Emotions Daily Dump: Many success coaches advocate writing out your negative thinking on​ a​ daily basis. Simply spend approximately 15 minutes writing out all the​ frustrations,​ bad feelings,​ and discouragement. This helps you to​ process these bad feelings out of​ your system so that you can make room for positive affirmations. Do not reread the​ entries and do not keep them. Write it​ out,​ and then throw it​ out. we​ call this the​ Negative Emotions Daily Dump.

2. Affirm Your Goals: Prepare a​ list of​ affirmations that will help your subconscious work with your conscious brain to​ make those all important behavioral changes. Then write your affirmations at​ least twice a​ day. Write them once after you have written your Negative Emotions Daily Dump. Don’t do the​ Negative Dump without filling it​ with the​ positive affirmations. You should always end with this. Write the​ second set of​ affirmations either right before you go to​ bed or​ first thing in​ the​ morning. Read your affirmations several times a​ day.

3. Understand your Motivations: in​ order to​ stay motivated you must understand your real reasons for losing weight. in​ other words,​ understand why YOU want to​ lose weight. Not why your spouse or​ friends want you to​ lose weight but why losing the​ weight is​ important to​ you. Do you really want more energy? Do you just love skinny clothes? Do you want to​ participate in​ an​ activity that would be easier if​ you were slim and healthy? Write these motivations out in​ detail so that you can solidify them in​ your head and they can continue to​ motivate you through the​ entire weight loss journey.

4. Accountability: Keep a​ food diary. Keeping a​ food diary has been proven time and time again to​ increase your weight loss success by as​ much as​ 50%! a​ food log is​ your accountability factor. it​ keeps you honest with yourself.

5. Visualize: Visualize yourself enjoying the​ portions of​ your weight loss program that you are currently struggling to​ do. For instance if​ you hate the​ cardio portion of​ your day,​ start seeing yourself loving it. See it​ as​ “”your time”. it​ can be your time to​ read while you’re on​ the​ stationary bike. or​ your time to​ watch all those movies you feel guilty watching any other time. Once you begin to​ visualize positive feelings about a​ certain activity the​ easier that activity will become.

6. the​ Pat-On-The-Back: Keep a​ written log of​ your weight loss success. By writing down your weight loss on​ a​ weekly basis you are validating your efforts and giving yourself a​ pat-on-the-back. This will go a​ long way to​ keeping you on​ track.

Keep in​ mind that if​ you are utilizing the​ assistance of​ a​ personal fitness trainer or​ weight loss professional that they may use techniques to​ help you face your self-defeating habits. This might feel harsh and negative,​ however it​ isn’t. Honesty is​ necessary to​ motivate change and this is​ different than running yourself down! Sometimes we​ have to​ hear the​ hard words to​ make the​ hard changes. Keep in​ mind that these professionals are seeking your ultimate success. Your success is​ their success. Let’s face it,​ the​ weight gain started with you and to​ change that behavior you may have to​ deal with some uncomfortable feelings. a​ good trainer will help you feel cared about while still insisting that you deal with your bad habits. It’s a​ good thing to​ be pushed past your comfort zone to​ becoming a​ better you!

Writing is​ the​ new “exercise” that can make all the​ rest of​ your weight loss efforts including good nutrition,​ exercise,​ and resistance training work for you because you will be working with these principles instead of​ against them. You will start seeing these weight loss techniques as​ a​ positive and permanent part of​ your life,​ instead of​ a​ temporary device. That will result in​ faster results that last forever!

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