Writing For A Magazine Publishing

Writing For A Magazine Publishing

Writing for a​ Magazine Publishing
All of​ us have our own way of​ making ends meet .​
Some people work a​ nine to​ five job while others earn sales commissions by recruiting others to​ work for them .​
But if​ selling is​ not your niche and writing happens to​ be it,​ perhaps you should write for a​ magazine Publishing.
Most magazines hire people who graduated with a​ degree in​ Journalism .​
But it​ takes a​ special skill to​ write about airplanes,​ cars,​ medicine and computers .​
This is​ where you come in​ because if​ you are knowledgeable about any of​ these topics,​ a​ magazine publication would like to​ get your input and have this published .​
Are you well compensated while working for a​ magazine publication? a​ lot of​ people say yes .​
Just to​ give you an​ idea,​ some companies who make brochures and fact sheets pay writers from $50 to​ $1000 per project .​
a​ blogger is​ could be paid per word,​ by the​ hour or​ per project that could also translate to​ thousands of​ dollars .​
These rates vary on​ several factors namely where the​ article will be published if​ it​ is​ print or​ online,​ the​ kind of​ article being written,​ word count,​ number of​ pages and if​ there will be diagrams or​ images included .​
For writers who are required to​ add images to​ their articles,​ the​ rates will also vary because this will be assessed by an​ article editor and a​ photographic editor .​
If you are able to​ work for them for quite some time,​ naturally the​ rate will be higher .​
You may even be able to​ demand how much you want to​ be paid .​
This is​ not applicable to​ a​ newcomer because he or​ she has to​ prove themselves first .​
They will have to​ prove their writing abilities and eventually build up their own portfolio so they too can negotiate how much they will be paid .​
For veterans and newcomers alike,​ once your article has been approved,​ do not think that the​ job is​ finished .​
Most often than not,​ some things will have to​ be revised so be prepared to​ edit .​
If the​ article you wrote is​ not approved,​ find out why so you can improve your writing skills .​
Getting feedback is​ better than not getting any .​
Also try to​ submit this elsewhere so all the​ hard work you did in​ doing the​ necessary research does not go to​ waste .​
Some people find it​ easier to​ write for a​ newspaper than a​ magazine publication because of​ the​ larger circulation size .​
People who have tried both say that the​ pay rate is​ not that far apart .​
You just have to​ work for it .​
Once you have landed a​ nice writing job for a​ magazine publication,​ the​ trick now is​ to​ keep it .​
The only way this can be done is​ by maintaining consistency in​ your work .​
So should you write for any magazine publication? This depends if​ you share the​ same interests .​
If you don’t,​ perhaps you should work for someone one else .​
If you have a​ magazine in​ mind,​ it​ is​ best to​ read as​ many copies of​ that magazine as​ possible so you know how they work and who their target audience is​ .​
If the​ editor likes what you did,​ the​ title of​ your article may just get on​ the​ front cover and this could be the​ start of​ something big in​ magazine Publishing .​

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