Writing For Greeting Cards

Writing For Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are a​ wonderful way to​ express your feelings. They offer a​ way for us to​ say what we​ mean even if​ we​ cannot find the​ words ourselves,​ which is​ where greeting card writers come in. They do not receive a​ byline and never see their work published in​ national magazines,​ but they do produce some of​ the​ most widely read projects. Writing for greeting cards is​ especially nice because the​ word count is​ low and the​ pay can be as​ much,​ or​ more,​ than some publications.

If you want to​ write for greeting cards,​ the​ first thing to​ do is​ to​ become familiar with what is​ popular and what sells. a​ greeting card company will not hire you if​ your material is​ not fresh and unique. if​ you are just starting out as​ a​ writer and want to​ get your ink wet,​ so to​ speak,​ write what you know. the​ same is​ true when writing for greeting cards.

Your next step will be to​ find a​ company that is​ looking for freelance writers for greeting cards,​ which can often be found directly from the​ company’s website. Most have policies regarding freelance submissions and ask that content for greeting cards be submitted to​ a​ specific individual within the​ company. if​ accepted,​ your work will be compensated according to​ the​ company’s written policy on​ freelance writing.

So,​ just what are the​ most popular kinds of​ greeting cards? Holiday specific cards are always popular,​ as​ are those dealing with love and humor. Part of​ the​ charm of​ greeting cards is​ their ability to​ bring a​ smile to​ someone’s face. Perhaps it’s a​ long distance birthday wish or​ a​ humorous look at​ a​ special friendship. Maybe it’s a​ milestone anniversary that is​ being celebrated and a​ greeting card can provide the​ perfect words to​ express your feeling. These topics are always popular and these are the​ ones that are readily sought by publishers of​ greeting cards.

As a​ final thought with writing for greeting cards,​ avoid sending submissions at​ random. Some companies simply do not accept freelance submissions,​ so you will not want to​ waste your time with those. in​ addition,​ companies that do not offer monetary compensation are not the​ best choice because you do not receive a​ byline for greeting cards. Always submit to​ companies that are willing to​ pay freelance writers for their work. as​ you work with different editors,​ you will begin to​ gain a​ better understanding of​ the​ market and how writing for greeting cards can put a​ smile on​ your face and in​ your wallet.

Writing For Greeting Cards

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