Writing For Fun And Profit

Every writer dreams of​ the​ day when they can profit from their writing. While income opportunities abound for writers,​ each method has drawbacks.

Newspaper and magazine reporters can make a​ good living but their subject matter is​ often closely regulated and directed. Corporate writing can be even more lucrative but even more tightly controlled. Freelance writing offers more freedom but is​ also more uncertain. Publishing books is​ even more uncertain. So what is​ a​ writer to​ do?

Forget all those old-school writing methods and focus on​ the​ Internet. Don't write for anyone but yourself. You really can profit from writing only about what interests you. Don't worry about the​ market or​ the​ editors. Write for yourself. Not only will it​ be more fun and rewarding for your soul but for your checking account as​ well.

I am going to​ share an​ easy (and cheap) 10-step formula that can help you start your own writing business today,​ but first I want to​ share one important fact.

This is​ not a​ get-rich-quick scheme. it​ will take some time to​ earn,​ perhaps as​ long as​ three months to​ begin turning a​ profit,​ but if​ you keep working at​ it​ you should see your income grow exponentially each month and you should be able to​ count on​ that income and know what you have to​ do to​ increase it. You will have total control over your income and that is​ very powerful.

1. Create a​ blog account at​ one of​ the​ free blogging sites available online (we used to​ use http://Blogger.com but there are many other good options). This will serve as​ your Internet base. it​ really is​ the​ cheapest and easiest way to​ get online today. Yes,​ you could create a​ free web site at​ one out of​ the​ many available,​ but blogs are more attractive to​ the​ search engines. Plus they offer you the​ ability to​ personalize it,​ but most of​ your energy will be spent on​ content which is​ the​ king of​ the​ Internet and the​ real reason you want an​ Internet presence.

2. Now sign up for a​ free ClickBank affiliate account which will give you immediate access to​ something to​ sell.

3. Sign up for a​ contextual or​ pay-per-click advertiser such as​ Google,​ Yahoo,​ Revenue Pilot,​ or​ SearchFeed and you'll start earning from visitors as​ well as​ customers.

4. Develop your blog. Make 10 your immediate goal then work your way up to​ 25,​ 50 and 100 and so on. Your entries can be your opinions,​ thoughts,​ or​ ramblings; poems or​ short stories; or​ articles.

5. Promote your blog through article marketing,​ link development and submitting your blog feed. I would suggest your primarily focus on​ article marketing as​ if​ offers the​ ability to​ not only develop links but also delivers traffic plus as​ a​ writer it​ is​ easy for you to​ create articles or​ use a​ selection of​ the​ material you've already created for your blog.

Yes,​ it​ really is​ that simple and while you can later grow by buying your own domain name (or names) and publishing your blog on​ your own site you do not need (and likely should avoid) investing money in​ expensive tools

Getting started on​ the​ web can be free (as you see above) or​ inexpensive if​ you concentrate on​ what you really need. the​ simple truth is​ that you don't need a​ lot of​ fancy,​ expensive tools and programs. in​ the​ long run a​ domain name is​ a​ good investment. a​ domain name will cost you between $5 and $10 a​ year depending on​ whether you go .com or​ .info (or one of​ the​ many other options available). You don't need to​ find a​ web host or​ create a​ site. Simply point the​ domain at​ your blog for now and continue with the​ development and promotion of​ your blog. the​ advantage of​ owning your own domain name is​ simply that later when you have the​ money,​ time,​ and knowledge to​ develop your web site that domain name will already exist and have filtered through the​ search engines. it​ also offers some marketing advantages that a​ free blog cannot.

At some point you may decide you want more flexibility and control than a​ free blog can offer and that is​ when you will want to​ run your own site. You can find a​ good web host for as​ little as​ $5 a​ month and shouldn't pay more than $20 a​ month for a​ reputable host that offers all the​ tools and utilities you might need for your current site--including blog software. Maybe down the​ line you'll need to​ upgrade but by then you'll know your income and your needs.

Really the​ only other regular expense that you might consider to​ make your Internet business complete would be a​ mailing list tool. You can do this for just $20 a​ month and it​ will be worth every penny for sales,​ customer service,​ and promotion. But this is​ not necessary to​ start out and you may decide that it​ isn't important to​ your efforts so you can skip it​ entirely.

Once you have your blog set up and monetized (by offering ClickBank products,​ advertising,​ and/or selling text links) then you are in​ a​ position to​ begin profiting from your writing. the​ way to​ profit it​ to​ increase your traffic so you need to​ get serious about your article marketing efforts because each article you distribute will generate immediate traffic and create back links for search engine optimization. Also you need to​ continue to​ grow your blog by adding fresh content regularly. This will create repeat visitors as​ well as​ bring the​ search engines back again and again. Simply publishing new articles and new blog entries each week will increase your traffic. the​ more articles and entries you create -- the​ more traffic you will generate.

Once you have found your rhythm with your existing blog you may well decide to​ branch out and create a​ second blog on​ a​ different or​ related topic. Now you should be able to​ work even faster because you are more experienced but likely more motivated as​ well because you can see just how rewarding it​ can be to​ write for fun and profit.

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