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I am pleased to​ announce that because of​ the​ existence of​ the​ American Chronicle,​ and the​ kind tolerance of​ its editorial staff,​ particularly Peter who has had to​ endure a​ lot regarding yours truly,​ I have been noticed by a​ travel guide publisher. Because I was permitted to​ send in​ article after article to​ this online publication,​ I am able to​ take on​ some bigger,​ paid gigs.

The way this works is​ that you write,​ a​ lot,​ and send your stuff into the​ American Chronicle for no pay. Hopefully,​ you write something that people actually want to​ read and,​ on​ occasion,​ respond to. the​ guys and gals at​ the​ mysterious editorial offices of​ the​ Chronicle,​ if​ you are lucky,​ approve your articles and put them on​ their web page. Though you aren’t making money in​ the​ traditional sense,​ you are getting exposure. You can even mention that you have written a​ book or​ two and that you would appreciate it​ if​ lots of​ people buy many copies for Christmas presents.

Lo and behold,​ when I wasn’t even looking,​ a​ travel guide publisher wrote me and asked for samples of​ my writing and my resume. of​ course,​ I did what they asked pronto! I also asked which butt-cheek I should kiss. Not really,​ but I felt like it.

This travel guide publisher responded. After swooning to​ the​ floor and picking myself up,​ I read that not only were they interested in​ me as​ a​ contract writer but they also want to​ publish one of​ my articles in​ an​ anthology they have coming out later this spring.

After a​ lot of​ excitement-caused sleepless nights and a​ lot of​ alcoholic beverages,​ I was finally able to​ reflect on​ how this has all come to​ be. I thought I would offer some words of​ advice to​ other aspiring writers.

First,​ write,​ write,​ and write some more. What I mean is,​ write something publishable every day. Write as​ though you have a​ daily column to​ get out by a​ deadline. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily need to​ get it​ published daily. the​ point here is​ that you need to​ produce a​ lot of​ material. And,​ it​ needs to​ be publishable. Make sure it​ is​ your best stuff.

Second,​ in​ this daily writing,​ be sure to​ address your niche. I write about Mexico almost exclusively because that is​ where I live and what I know. I write what I know and what I want to​ write about—life in​ Mexico.

Third,​ find a​ place like the​ American Chronicle to​ file your stories. Make sure,​ if​ the​ online publication allows you to​ post key words,​ you choose key words that you think someone will look for within your niche. For example,​ with almost every story I file,​ I put the​ words,​ “Mexico,​ Guanajuato,​ expatriation to​ Mexico,​ travel to​ Mexico,​ etc…” or​ some variation as​ the​ key words.

Fourth,​ if​ you are permitted to​ post personal info,​ a​ bio or​ your web page,​ then do so. You want your biographical information out there. You also want to​ have words in​ your bio that correspond to​ the​ key words in​ your stories.

Fifth,​ do not ever offend your editors. Do not be a​ cry-baby. Do not pitch fits. Do not think of​ yourself as​ a​ prima donna. There are enough of​ them in​ the​ world. Frankly,​ they are not well loved. in​ fact,​ do what your editors say. Always follow their suggestions,​ especially when they tell you to​ straighten up your act and fly right. I add,​ reluctantly,​ that I know this point from personal experience.

Though none of​ this is​ guaranteed to​ land you a​ paying gig,​ it​ can be the​ means through which you get discovered. the​ more stories you can file,​ with lots and lots of​ good key words,​ the​ better your chances of​ getting noticed.

I will keep all my readers on​ the​ Chronicle informed as​ to​ the​ progress of​ my new writing venue. I will continue to​ crank out the​ stuff that many of​ you apparently like reading.

I want to​ thanks the​ Chronicle,​ Peter,​ and all those readers who have actually read my work.

And,​ be sure to​ buy my books,​ lots of​ them,​ for Christmas presents this year.

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