Writing Follow Up Messages For Autoresponders

Writing Follow Up Messages For Autoresponders
When it​ comes to​ making a​ sell using your autoresponder,​ follow up messages are very important .​
Most website visitors won’t buy something on​ the​ first visit; it​ normally takes more than 6 or​ 7 visits before they decide to​ make a​ purchase .​
To keep them interested and eventually make the​ sale,​ you’ll need to​ come up with some innovative yet captivating follow up messages.
When you start writing your message,​ you’ll need to​ come up with compelling headlines .​
Compelling headlines will draw attention from readers,​ making them feel excited to​ read the​ rest of​ your message .​
If you send a​ message with a​ shoddy headline,​ chances are that your readers will just glance over the​ email and not pay much attention to​ it​ at​ all.
You can also grab attention from your readers by sending them personalized messages with their names and other details .​
There are several autoresponders that personalize messages through the​ insertion of​ codes .​
When you send a​ message out,​ the​ code is​ replaced with the​ personal information of​ the​ subscriber .​
When receiving the​ email,​ the​ reader will see his or​ her personal information instead of​ the​ code.
The first message that you send out is​ normally an​ introduction message .​
This message should be geared towards giving readers what to​ expect from your messages .​
You can also mention information about your company and your products as​ well .​
Your introduction message is​ very important,​ as​ it​ sets the​ pace for the​ messages that follow.
When you send out your second message,​ you should inform readers about your products and services .​
Make sure that you explain what your products do and how your readers can benefit from using them .​
Then,​ in​ the​ messages that follow,​ you should put added emphasis on​ your services and products .​
You should be trying to​ convince readers that they simply must have your products and that your products are a​ cut above the​ rest.
To ensure that you get a​ sale,​ you should include comparisons between what you offer and what competitors offer .​
This way,​ you’ll show potential customers that you are indeed the​ best,​ with the​ best features and the​ best prices .​
Once you have a​ few satisfied customers,​ you’ll start to​ build up your credibility .​
If a​ customer is​ satisfied,​ he will let you and others know .​
Once a​ customer has praised your products,​ you can add it​ to​ a​ testimonial and send it​ out in​ a​ future follow up message.
When you end a​ message,​ make sure that you leave a​ teaser for the​ next message .​
This way,​ your customers will look forward to​ receiving your next message .​
You should also carefully weave in​ messages regarding your contact and order information as​ well,​ so readers can place an​ order without any problems .​
If you put some time and thought into your follow up messages – you’ll start racking up customers and sales in​ no time at​ all.

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