Writing Emails With A Purpose

Writing Emails With A Purpose

How many times have you seen it? You open your inbox just to​ see another long,​ seemingly endless list of​ emails. You cautiously open each one,​ giving “some” of​ them 10-20 seconds of​ a​ quick scan. if​ something captures your interest,​ you read on. if​ not,​ it’s a​ quick click (delete key) and you move on. if​ this is​ your pattern,​ you are not alone. This scenario is​ repeated by thousands,​ if​ not millions of​ internet users each and every day.

Knowing this pattern makes the​ job of​ internet marketers even more difficult. Our ability to​ cultivate and retain any significant numbers in​ a​ downline is​ directly determined by our ability to​ maximize these precious few seconds of​ reading time. Have you got what it​ takes to​ write an​ email and get the​ replies flying in? Most of​ us send out emails almost every day. we​ do it​ all too often with out carefully thinking about it. as​ a​ result these emails are often written and sent out less than perfect and fail to​ produce the​ desired result.

The purpose of​ sending out mass email is​ usually intended to​ attract visitors to​ view a​ website rather than make a​ sale,​ therefore it​ is​ important to​ take your time and define your aim precisely before writing the​ email. Here are a​ few hints to​ help you along the​ way:

Keep it​ simple and brief.
Avoid using long or​ technical words as​ some people may not understand them.
Do not use three words where one will suffice.
If the​ email is​ long and full of​ waffle boredom will set in​ and without a​ doubt it​ is​ likely to​ be deleted before reaching the​ end of​ it.
The opening paragraph is​ vital.
If it​ does not click with the​ reader right away you have wasted your time sending it.
It's true that even the​ best writers spend time editing and rewriting their articles and emails.
Start with an​ eye catching headline. it​ might be a​ question or​ statement. You must grab their attention right away.
Make sure to​ look at​ it​ from your readers point of​ view,​ is​ it​ forceful enough or​ exciting to​ make you want to​ read on​ and discover the​ end result?
Headlines hook prospects and lead them to​ the​ next line. There you start to​ build their interest to​ ensure they read the​ next sentence... and each subsequent one.
You might even find it​ is​ worth offering a​ free gift or​ a​ monthly newsletter that would help their business. There are plenty of​ free e-books on​ the​ web that you can give away.
If the​ intention of​ your email is​ to​ make a​ sale then offer a​ guarantee or​ a​ full refund. This should dispel any fears they may have.

A cheeky way to​ test out your email is​ to​ send it​ to​ a​ couple of​ friends who are interested in​ business,​ add a​ message at​ the​ end of​ it​ and ask them to​ email you. if​ you don't receive a​ reply,​ take it​ as​ a​ sign that perhaps your email was discarded before they made it​ far enough down the​ message,​ to​ get your message. When this happens it​ is​ a​ good idea to​ edit your email and remove any unneeded text before sending back out to​ your master list.

The exact techniques and methods you use will vary depending on​ personal preferences,​ product differences,​ market circumstances,​ etc. However,​ the​ basic approach is​ to​ make sure you give it​ some advance preparation and work,​ before sending them out. You will be pleasantly amazed at​ the​ difference it​ makes.

NOTE: You have full permission to​ reprint this article within your website or​ newsletter as​ long as​ you leave the​ article fully intact and include the​ "About the​ Author" resource box. Thanks! :-)

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