Writing Contests Building Writing Credentials

Writing Contests Building Writing Credentials

One of​ the​ ways many writers can successfully add credentials to​ their portfolio if​ to​ participate in​ a​ variety of​ literary contests. This type of​ contest encourages writers to​ put their best foot forward in​ both creativity and attention to​ detail.

It is​ true that there are some contests that provide a​ cash award for their top finishers,​ but there are also publishing scams that will accept your work regardless of​ quality. When you receive notice that your work has been accepted for publication it​ can be a​ real boost,​ however,​ a​ quick look at​ many writer’s websites can help you define the​ contests that are essentially vanity publishers willing to​ print just about anything if​ they believe you will purchase copies of​ the​ book for friends and family.

Many cash award writing contests cover the​ cost of​ prize awards by charging an​ entry fee. This factor often discourages many writers who may not feel confident enough in​ their writing to​ pay a​ fee to​ submit. This allows those who do enter a​ better chance at​ placing.

There are also writing contests that present the​ opportunity to​ have their work published online,​ in​ a​ magazine or​ in​ an​ anthology. as​ a​ rule this type of​ contest does not require a​ purchase of​ the​ publication the​ work will appear in​ nor will they assume full rights of​ your work. the​ best writing contests only require a​ one time non-exclusive print right. This is​ important because it​ allows you the​ opportunity to​ sell or​ place the​ work in​ other venues.

Beware of​ forfeiting full (exclusive) rights in​ any writing contest. When this right is​ given the​ ownership of​ the​ work is​ no longer yours. You will have no right to​ use the​ material in​ any form without permission from the​ publisher. it​ is​ possible to​ pay to​ enter a​ contest,​ forfeit the​ rights to​ your work and allow a​ publisher to​ gain long-term financial benefit from your work.

Quality writing contests have the​ bonus feature of​ allowing you to​ fine tune your skills by reading the​ work of​ others. Reading can make a​ good writer even better. if​ you pay attention you can learn what works and what doesn’t while using writing contests as​ a​ means of​ gaining valuable insight into unique styles and structure.

On a​ positive note,​ there have been numerous incidents in​ which individuals who entered a​ submission for a​ writing contest were able to​ use that same work for publishing in​ other book anthologies and magazines. the​ key is​ making sure to​ participate in​ writing contests that preserve your right to​ control the​ reuse of​ the​ piece.

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