Writing A Book What You Need To Know About The Publishing Process

Writing a​ Book: What You Need to​ Know About the​ Publishing Process
Have you just finished writing a​ book that you would like to​ see published? If you have,​ you may want to​ start sending your book manuscript to​ publishers that fit your genre .​
Doing so is​ okay,​ but before you accept any offers,​ it​ is​ important to​ know as​ much about the​ publishing process as​ possible .​
You do not want to​ end up being the​ writer that gets taken advantage of​ or​ paid less than they are worth because you didn’t take the​ time to​ do the​ research first.
One important point that you will want to​ take into consideration,​ when looking to​ get a​ book published,​ is​ that many publishers have specific wants and needs .​
For example,​ one children’s book publisher may be seeking science-fiction books for young adult readers,​ while another children’s book publisher may be looking for nature-inspired picture books .​
Since is​ there a​ variance,​ even in​ a​ specific genre like children’s books,​ it​ is​ important to​ know what each publisher wants before sending your manuscript off,​ especially if​ your book is​ not what is​ needed at​ the​ current time .​
This allows you to​ not waste your time or​ money.
In keeping with what a​ book publisher wants,​ it​ is​ important to​ learn as​ much as​ you can about the​ publisher and their guidelines for writers .​
For example,​ if​ you are writing an​ adult book,​ see if​ full manuscripts are allowed or​ if​ sample chapters or​ query letters are advised .​
You will want to​ make sure that you follow all instructions given by a​ publisher because if​ you don’t,​ your chances of​ having your book published significantly decrease .​
the​ Writer’s Market books,​ others similar guides and the​ online websites of​ publishers can often tell you what is​ expected of​ you as​ a​ writer.
Before accepting an​ offer from a​ publisher,​ be sure to​ learn as​ much as​ you can about book publishing payments .​
This is​ important as​ not all publishers pay their authors the​ same amount of​ money .​
You won’t want to​ lose sight of​ the​ main goal,​ which is​ to​ make the​ most money possible .​
Many first time authors are so excited that a​ publisher wants to​ publisher their book that they will accept just about any offer,​ even one that is​ significantly less than it​ should be .​
Flat rate payments,​ advance payments,​ and royalty payments are common methods of​ payment for book publishers.
In keeping with payment,​ advance payments are nice,​ but be sure to​ closely examine them .​
You will want to​ look at​ the​ long-term payment .​
Some publishers make advance payments seem better than they truly are .​
With that said,​ some writers,​ especially unpublished writers,​ find advance payments,​ regardless of​ what they are to​ be enticing .​
As for royalty payments,​ get everything in​ writing and have a​ set schedule .​
What percentage of​ sales will you receive? When are your royalties counted; on​ a​ quarterly or​ annual basis? How soon can you expect payment after each schedule ends? These are all questions that you will want answers to​ before agreeing to​ sign a​ contract.
The above mentioned points are just a​ few of​ the​ many points that you will want to​ take into consideration before accepting an​ offer from a​ book publisher .​
Regardless of​ what genre your book is​ for or​ what publisher you receive an​ offer from,​ be sure to​ fully read and examine a​ contract before signing it .​
Also,​ be sure to​ ask any additional questions that you have .​
All reputable publishers should be more than happy to​ answer your questions.

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