Writing Book Reports

If you are a​ student,​ writing a​ book report is​ something you will probably have to​ do at​ some time whether you want to​ or​ not.It has never been a​ favorite activity for most but it​ is​ always valuable. it​ is​ valuable because it​ allows you to​ think about the​ book you have read,​ in​ terms of​ the​ setting,​ characters,​ plot and finally examine your feelings and thoughts about what you have read. You learn how to​ give an​ analysis and develop your own point of​ view. is​ it​ any wonder that teachers continue to​ give students book report assignments? With this in​ mind let's examine the​ components that will allow you to​ write good book reports.

Writing a​ Book Report is​ in​ some ways similar to​ writing a​ review. You don't want to​ give away the​ entire plot. However you do want to​ give an​ effective summary and give a​ firm analysis of​ the​ story.

The first thing you should do is​ to​ tell the​ title of​ the​ book and the​ author,​ the​ year the​ book was published and state whether the​ work is​ fiction or​ non-fiction. a​ book report should tell your readers about the​ setting of​ the​ story,​ that is,​ the​ country,​ state or​ city in​ which it​ takes place. You should also mention the​ time frame in​ which the​ story takes place. is​ the​ story set in​ our time,​ the​ past or​ the​ future? You need to​ report on​ the​ main character or​ protagonist. Who is​ this person? Describe their character but never give away too much detail. You can report on​ other characters as​ well,​ discuss their role in​ the​ story but remember not to​ give away too much here either.

When writing a​ book report your feelings and point of​ view become very important. Which part of​ the​ story did you enjoy the​ most? Why did you enjoy it? Who was your favorite character? Why was this person your favorite character? a​ book report requires that you examine the​ impact that a​ story has had on​ you personally. Some other questions you should ask yourself are: What did you learn from the​ story? Did it​ teach you anything that you think would be valuable to​ your daily life? if​ it​ did don't hesitate to​ mention it. What were the​ strong points and what were the​ weaknesses that you found?

Every story thrives on​ conflict. Conflict is​ necessary for good drama. in​ writing your book report you must speak about the​ conflict or​ conflicts in​ the​ story. Again you want to​ summarize and not go into unnecessary details. Conflict in​ a​ story is​ usually resolved in​ some way by the​ end of​ the​ story. Here you can also summarize the​ resolution and give your opinion on​ why you think the​ conflict was resolved satisfactorily or​ unsatisfactorily. if​ you don't like the​ way the​ conflict was resolved you may suggest other ways it​ could have been resolved.

Book reports can sometimes seem like a​ chore but if​ you use the​ steps outlined above it​ should make the​ whole process a​ lot easier.

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