Writing Articles Your Secret To Free Traffic

Writing Articles Your Secret To Free Traffic

Do you own a​ website that is​ receiving so-so traffic or​ receiving no traffic at​ all? Would you like significantly more website visitors without spending any money? if​ your answer is​ YES to​ both questions,​ then you should try a​ method that has been kept secret by knowledgeable website owners and marketers as​ a​ top website traffic generator -- writing articles!

The idea behind writing articles to​ drive traffic is​ simple. You write as​ many quality and original articles as​ you can,​ and then submit each article to​ as​ many article directories as​ possible. These article directories in​ turn will drive traffic to​ your site.

Note that when writing your articles,​ you must deliver content that is​ helpful,​ informative and non-promotional in​ nature. Moreover,​ your article content must focus specifically on​ the
service or​ industry your website is​ targetted for.

After you have written your articles,​ spell-check and proof read each and every one of​ them. Don't waste your readers' time with a​ hastily written or​ grammatically incorrect article. You will not get any website traffic with a​ poorly written article.

Now that you have your proof-read articles in​ hand,​ what next? Submit your articles to​ as​ many free-content,​ free-for-reprint article directories as​ will accept your articles. There are also some niche article directories that will cater to​ your industry and you should also submit your articles to​ these.

So where does the​ traffic come from? an​ article directory will typically allow you to​ place a​ link back to​ your website in​ a​ section about the​ author. Readers who like your article will be able to​ click on​ that link and visit your site.

Write one article and submit them to​ 1,​000 article directories and you have obtained 1,​000 inbound links free of​ charge. if​ several ezines pick up your article for redistribution,​ then your article can potentially reach hundreds of​ thousands of​ people via the​ ezines' mailing lists. if​ you wrote 100 of​ such articles and repeated the​ process for each one of​ these,​ can you imagine the​ volume of​ web traffic you will be receiving?

Writing articles clearly gives you a​ free,​ zero capital method to​ increasing your website traffic. Start writing articles today!

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