Writing Articles On Computer Related Subjects

Writing Articles On Computer Related Subjects

Writing Articles On Computer Related Subjects
Writing Articles On Computer Related Subjects
27 Sep 07
Having titled this article I​ need to​ issue a​ Mia Copa so I​ might as​ well get it​ out right up front .​
The truth is,​ this
editorial probably applies not only to​ the​ fields of​ website design and remote and outsourced ' IT '  services and computer
sales and repair like that offered by Remote Help desk 1 at​ www.remotehelpdesk1.com,​ but also to​ most writers and
technical subjects covered on​ the​ web.
Computer Man's background in​ the​ educational,​ legal,​ intelligence and law enforcement communities qualifies him more than
most computer gurus for research to​ bring his audience not only beneficial data but quality links allowing access to​ and
use of​ the​ information and sources shared.
The First Issue: Restricted Embedded Links...
The problem arises in​ trying to​ get the​ results of​ that research,​ knowledge and experience into the​ hands of​ those searching
for answers .​
Most hosts restrict submissions to​ one or​ two embedded links if​ they allow any at​ all .​
That is​ a​ real issue
when the​ author is​ actually concerned about providing quality referenced content.
These articles on​ the​ super slab run the​ gamut from the​ frivolous to​ the​ technical .​
Most computer and internet related
articles are probably of​ the​ technical variety at​ least to​ some extent,​ and it​ is​ understood there are those who game the​
system and abuse their privilege .​
So,​ restrict the​ number of​ links back to​ the​ author and his or​ her web sites,​ not to​
legitimate referenced sources .​
That will make more work for the​ hosts who read all these articles before they are published,​
but most of​ them get paid well for editing what you see and read on​ their sites.
The Second Issue: Article Lengths...
Each hosts has his or​ her minimum length requirements normally in​ the​ 600 word range .​
Such a​ minimum often causes one of​
necessity to​ be much too verbose instead of​ succinct as​ we​ have always been taught .​
Professors say keep cutting the​ article
down .​
Don't use five words when one will suffice .​
On the​ article hosting sites,​ the​ rule seems to​ be don't use one word
when you can write a​ paragraph .​
For example,​ an​ article on​ the​ subject should explain what can be done to​ speed up Windows Vista (EXPENSIVE!) Computers,​ how
to properly tune up Windows XP (EXPENSIVE!) Computers,​ and why Linux Ubuntu (FREE...DOWNLOADABLE) runs better,​ faster,​ and
with less virus and crash problems on​ most computers than any Microsoft Windows operating system and then shut up .​
Ubuntu's biggest problem may be a​ shortage of​ compatible wireless drivers.

Why have a​ two year old babbling on​ forever just to​ meet some arbitrary word count? It does not matter what moo moo makers
say,​ One size does not fit all! So,​ if​ it​ is​ an​ article on​ the​ history of​ computers or​ computer techs and sciences there
needs to​ be considerably more than 600 words especially with limited embedded reference links .​
On the​ other hand if​ it​ is​ a​
simple complete steps 1,​ 2,​ 3 to​ fix a​ specific issue it​ may need to​ be considerably less.
The Third Issue: Emphasis...
Writing on​ computer and internet based subjects does not easily lend itself to​ the​ old standard of​ who,​ what,​ when,​ where and
why .​
No font setting!!!! When writing about these computer and internet related issues it​ is​ often almost obligatory to​
stress and emphasize .​
That can be done with much less verbiage with just a​ little tweaking of​ typesetting and a​ well placed
Many of​ these hosts are owned and operated by men .​
They should understand we​ (especially we​ men) need the​ salient points to​
stand out from the​ rest of​ the​ document .​
we​ want to​ know where the​ graphics card is​ located not necessarily how it​
functions .​
If we​ fail the​ first time (ok maybe the​ tenth),​ we​ will go back and read the​ directions.

This article got a​ lot off my chest and over 700 words too so if​ it​ don't show up on​ your favorite server or​ host it​ will be
for some other reason...probably just as​ subjective.

In the​ final analysis one needs to​ not only publish articles but a​ Blog and maybe even a​ Twitter as​ well to​ cover all the​
bases especially where there are these restrictions .​
That means the​ surfers need to​ search and read both article hosts and
the blogosphere to​ find the​ data they seek especially if​ they want to​ make sure the​ author is​ not blowing smoke or​ if​ they
need their data well referenced and linked .​
Such documentation is​ especially important in​ Computer Related Articles where
peoples precious and often nonreplacable photographs,​ documents,​ music,​ videos,​ and work related materials involving subjects
like remote and outsourced IT  service,​ helpdesk,​ and repair facility.

Writing Articles On Computer Related Subjects

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