Writing Articles How Webmasters Can Mine Gold In The Internet

Writing Articles has become extremely popular in​ recent times. This popularity is​ no doubt due to​ Google's appreciation of​ one way inbound links and the​ targeted traffic these links generate. in​ addition to​ traffic there are several amazing benefits article writing showers on​ both the​ author and the​ website. Webmasters who are aware of​ this are Mining Gold in​ the​ Internet.

1. Increase in​ Link Popularity.

Writing articles with your URL embedded in​ the​ Resource Box and publishing them in​ Article Directories is​ the​ quickest way of​ obtaining one-way inbound links. When these articles are in​ turn picked up and published by other webmasters there will soon be a​ viral effect thus increasing the​ one-way inbound links pointing towards your website,​ which in​ turn will increase your link popularity.

2. Improving Search Engine Ranking.

As more and more of​ your Keyword rich and Optimized articles are published by theme related quality websites,​ your link popularity will increase thereby increasing the​ search engine ranking of​ your website. it​ will not take long before search engines; especially Google will take notice of​ your website and place it​ at​ the​ top of​ the​ search results for your chosen keyword.

3. Targeted Traffic.

The website visitors these links in​ the​ Resource Boxes of​ the​ articles generate are all without doubt targeted traffic. These visitors visit you only after reading your article and are interested in​ learning more about you and your products. the​ more the​ number of​ articles the​ more targeted traffic you will get.

4. Making Your Internet Presence.

Making your presence felt in​ the​ Internet world is​ of​ prime importance if​ you want to​ succeed in​ your Internet business and what better way than writing articles? Frequent appearance of​ your name backed by well written articles will give credibility to​ you and your business.

5. Recognition as​ an​ Expert.

If you can write thought provoking and quality articles displaying your expertise,​ you will soon be recognized as​ an​ Authority and an​ Expert in​ your field. This will mean that your articles will be grabbed by webmasters and published thus bringing you an​ endless stream of​ visitors.

6. Increase in​ Sales.

Once you have made your presence in​ the​ Internet world,​ established trust and confidence and projected yourself as​ an​ expert by writing articles,​ your credibility rating will automatically rise. This will be reflected in​ a​ substantial increase in​ sales.

7. Free Advertising.

One of​ the​ best free advertising tools in​ the​ Internet for Webmasters is​ the​ Resource Box of​ an​ article. Authoritative articles written on​ the​ field of​ your expertise with a​ striking and captivating resource box can in​ a​ subtle manner advertise you and your products bringing in​ a​ flood of​ traffic.

8. Joint Venture and Other Offers.

Once Trust,​ Credibility and Ability is​ established you will receive offers of​ joint venture from other Internet Entrepreneurs and other offers such as​ requests for advertising on​ your site and to​ write articles for their online newsletters and ezines.

9. Returning Visitors.

If you have several authoritative articles written by you and published exclusively in​ your website,​ you will have returning visitors on​ a​ regular basis. the​ secret of​ success is​ to​ have fresh content and to​ have an​ "Add to​ Favorites" script on​ your site.


Writing Articles is​ today considered to​ be one of​ the​ best ways to​ promote your website,​ product and yourself as​ an​ expert to​ the​ Internet community. if​ handled wisely and judiciously there is​ gold to​ be mined in​ the​ Internet. Why should you not take advantage of​ this great opportunity?

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