Writing Articles How To Attract The Audience To Visit Your Website

Writing Articles How To Attract The Audience To Visit Your Website

Writing Articles and submitting them to​ article directories have become extremely popular in​ recent times.
The question that is​ uppermost in​ the​ mind of​ an​ author is​ "Will my article be picked up by other webmasters and published in​ their website?" "Will the​ readers click the​ link in​ the​ resource box and visit my website?" if​ this does not materialize then the​ time and energy spent on​ writing articles will be in​ vain.

On the​ other hand if​ your article had the​ right recipe to​ attract huge numbers of​ visitors to​ your website then you have certainly succeeded in​ your exercise and the​ benefits will be tremendous.
Here we​ are not talking about Keywords and Search Engine Optimization but just "what is​ it​ in​ an​ article that will attract the​ audience to​ your website?"

1. Captivating and Catchy Title:

The most important thing in​ the​ article that can immediately grab the​ attention and imagination of​ the​ audience is​ without doubt your title. the​ title should be such that it​ must compel the​ reader to​ stop for a​ moment and have a​ quick glance at​ your article. if​ you can succeed and you must,​ then the​ major part of​ your battle is​ over.

2. Excellent Content:

Now that the​ title has played its role it​ is​ the​ content that has to​ retain the​ attention of​ the​ reader. While writing articles the​ title should not by any means mislead the​ reader of​ the​ article because this will mean that he will loose faith in​ you,​ your website and your products. Writing excellent content displaying your knowledge and expertise is​ the​ best way to​ retain the​ attention of​ the​ reader. Having read an​ informative and interesting article his curiosity will naturally be aroused and he is​ bound to​ click through to​ your website. He will want to​ know more about you,​ your website and your product and services.

3. Sub Titles and Bullet Points:

Sub Titles are a​ great way to​ help the​ visitors to​ identify at​ a​ glance the​ important aspects of​ your article. This makes it​ easy for the​ visitor to​ know the​ author's perspective regarding the​ article. it​ has to​ be handled well to​ retain his interest further.
Bullet points and numbers make your article stand out even more thus helping the​ visitor to​ enjoy reading the​ article.

4. Sincerity of​ Purpose:

In today's context when many articles are written purely to​ obtain high link popularity,​ your article should stand out as​ one written sincerely with the​ sole purpose of​ educating the​ audience. This will no doubt add much value to​ your article. Writing articles sincerely from the​ heart has its rewards. You automatically connect with the​ audience thereby hitting two birds with one stone. the​ audience not only appreciates the​ article but also the​ person behind the​ article. Your reputation will soon grow as​ a​ trusted author with a​ dependable website and products thus bringing in​ more customers and sales.

5. Simple Language:

When writing articles the​ best way to​ connect with the​ audience is​ to​ use simple words with an​ easy flowing style which the​ vast majority of​ them will be able to​ understand. it​ will be wise to​ keep the​ technical jargon to​ a​ bare minimum and use them only when necessary. Articles with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes will downgrade your article and confuse the​ audience who will want to​ click off as​ fast as​ they clicked in.


Writing articles is​ considered to​ be one of​ the​ best ways to​ get targeted visitors to​ your website. an​ interesting and informative article sincerely written will induce the​ reader to​ click on​ your link in​ the​ resource box and land in​ your website,​ to​ be your guest the​ very next moment. the​ visitor is​ a​ very important guest,​ so treat him as​ such and it​ is​ up to​ you to​ provide him what he is​ searching for.

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