Writing Articles For Yourself Versus Someone Else

Writing Articles For Yourself Versus Someone Else

Writing Articles for Yourself versus Someone Else
Would you like to​ write articles as​ a​ way to​ generate income for yourself? If so,​ you may be curious as​ to​ what your options are .​
One of​ the​ biggest decisions you will have to​ make involves deciding who you want to​ write for .​
Do you want to​ write for yourself or​ for others? To ensure your choice is​ the​ right one,​ you will want to​ examine the​ pros and cons of​ each.
The biggest pro or​ plus side to​ writing articles for yourself is​ the​ freedom to​ choose your own topics .​
This means that you could write about a​ topic you already know about or​ a​ topic that you are passionate about .​
For example,​ do you homeschool your children? If you do,​ you may enjoy and prefer writing articles on​ the​ subject of​ homeschooling,​ and so forth.
Next,​ is​ the​ fact that you can do what you want with your own articles .​
When you write for someone else,​ you normally give up rights to​ your work .​
This means that you cannot use those articles again .​
This isn’t the​ case when you right for yourself .​
You can do what you want with your articles and use them as​ many times as​ you want,​ and just about anyway that you see fit.
Another pro or​ plus side to​ writing articles for money for yourself versus a​ client is​ the​ ways you can make money .​
In fact,​ you may be surprised how many moneymaking opportunities there are for articles .​
For starters,​ you can use your articles for newsletters,​ you can start your own content filled website that displays moneymaking advertisements,​ you can submit them to​ article directories,​ or​ you can even sell your articles outright (after you have already written them).
The only true con or​ downside to​ writing for yourself is​ that you may not get paid right away .​
If you want to​ use your articles to​ create a​ website,​ which can make money through advertisements,​ you need to​ make sure that others see your website .​
This involves article marketing .​
However,​ as​ stated above you can submit your articles to​ article directories,​ which are considered important website and blog marketing tools .​

In keeping with internet marketing,​ it​ isn’t hard .​
You need to​ do a​ little bit of​ research to​ learn a​ few helpful tips and tricks,​ but it​ is​ more than possible for you to​ market your own website .​
After a​ close examination,​ you will see that not only can you submit articles to​ article directories with a​ link back to​ your website or​ blog,​ but you can also write keyword optimized articles .​
When you do so,​ the​ search engines will find your website on​ their own.
As for writing for someone else,​ it​ too has its pros and cons .​
Perhaps,​ the​ biggest pro or​ plus side to​ working with clients is​ that you are paid and often right away .​
Most professional webmasters will pay their clients within 14 days .​
There is​ no having to​ wait until your website or​ blog generates traffic to​ start making money.
One of​ the​ downsides to​ writing articles for clients,​ as​ opposed to​ for yourself,​ is​ that you are told what to​ write .​
For some this is​ actually a​ benefit,​ as​ your client should describe in​ detail what they want and expect from you .​
For many,​ this makes writing articles for money easier.
Finding clients to​ write for can be tricky,​ but you have numerous avenues to​ try .​
Start with creating your own website .​
List a​ few of​ your sample articles,​ outline the​ niches you specialize in,​ as​ well as​ your rates .​
You can also actively search online bidding websites and job boards .​

So which approach should you take? It all depends on​ your personal preferences .​
With that said,​ you may want to​ give both options a​ try .​
Divide your time between writing for your clients and for yourself .​
Overtime,​ you may find yourself earning the​ most money with articles .​

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