Writing Articles For Permanent Traffic

Writing articles is​ possibly the​ best way to​ generated free traffic to​ your site. a​ short article,​ submitted to​ a​ few places,​ creates permanent streams of​ traffic. Here are some of​ the​ ways articles bring traffic to​ your website:

1. Click-throughs from article banks. People read your articles at​ an​ article bank,​ and click on​ the​ link in​ the​ "author's resource box."

2. Search engine traffic. Search "cheap international plane tickets" on​ Google,​ and sites with my article will be in​ the​ results. Wherever the​ article is​ found,​ readers can click through to​ my travel site.

3. Other web sites. When my reports show a​ referral address I don't recognize,​ it's usually a​ web site that's using one of​ my articles.

Article Submission - the​ Basics

Submit your articles to​ article banks and newsletters. Article banks usually carry "free-distribution "articles,​ meaning anyone can use them for a​ site,​ newsletter or​ blog. They just can't change them,​ and they have to​ leave your link active. the​ link is​ in​ the​ "resource box,​" where you say something about yourself and invite the​ reader to​ visit your web site.

Post an​ article once,​ and it​ can spread,​ creating permanent streams of​ traffic. Why permanent? Here's an​ example: I get search traffic for "mexico real estate" on​ my site HousesUnderFiftyThousand.com because of​ an​ article I used. the​ author gets clicks through to​ her site,​ but I get traffic - and revenue - so I'll never remove that article.

The Easiest Article Writing

Article writing isn't just for writers. Online articles are short and less formal than magazine articles anyhow,​ but if​ you really don't like writing,​ try a​ "list-article." This is​ the​ most popular type of​ article online,​ which is​ fortunate,​ because it's also the​ easiest type to​ write.

For a​ site about making money on​ Ebay,​ you could write an​ article titled "The Top Ten Sellers On Ebay." a​ short introduction,​ a​ list with a​ sentence or​ two about each item,​ a​ bit about yourself and a​ link to​ your site,​ and you're done. Write "Six Mistakes People Make On Ebay,​" and we​ need to​ read that to​ avoid the​ mistakes,​ right?

Some article banks charge fees,​ but there are many that are free. There are also more ways to​ generate traffic with your articles. That's this article's "tease" to​ get you to​ the​ site.

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