Writing Articles For Money Tips To Avoid Embarrassment

Writing Articles for Money: Tips to​ Avoid Embarrassment
Are you new to​ making money writing articles? If you are,​ you will likely experience a​ few moments of​ embarrassment .​
These moments may leave you saying aloud I​ can’t believe I​ did that .​
Despite the​ fact that these are common moments that all writers have,​ there are a​ number of​ steps that you can take to​ reduce their frequency.
First and foremost,​ know what is​ expected of​ you before you apply for or​ accept a​ project from a​ paying client .​
There is​ nothing worse than writing a​ project only to​ find out that it​ needs to​ be saved as​ a​ Microsoft Word document,​ which you don’t have installed on​ your computer .​
Speaking of​ Microsoft Word,​ you should purchase it,​ as​ it​ is​ considered a​ great writing tool.
If you do use Microsoft Word to​ write and save your articles,​ rely on​ its spell check and grammar check programs .​
On that same note,​ do not rely on​ them too heavily .​
They are nice to​ use,​ but they aren’t always accurate,​ especially the​ grammar checker .​
When in​ doubt,​ go with what you know or​ what sounds best.
In keeping with Microsoft Word,​ be cautious of​ accidental clicks .​
Do not accidentally add misspelled words to​ the​ program .​
If you do so,​ they will not be recognized as​ errors anymore .​
For that reason,​ always take your time when correcting errors that you are alerted to​ .​
It can be embarrassing to​ submit articles that have a​ large number of​ spelling errors .​

It is​ also important to​ be cautious of​ Word’s auto correct features .​
It is​ a​ nice feature to​ utilize,​ but the​ auto corrected word may not be what you needed .​
That is​ why proofreading is​ very important,​ even with all of​ the​ helpful tools that you are provided with .​
Although an​ error or​ two is​ not uncommon on​ occasion,​ proofreading can help to​ improve the​ quality of​ your articles.
If you are outsourcing your work to​ another writer,​ due to​ an​ illness,​ check that work for yourself .​
Proofread to​ make sure that there are no spelling or​ grammar errors .​
Next,​ make sure the​ content is​ unique .​
There is​ nothing worse and more career damaging than submitting articles that were copied from the​ internet .​
Never trust another individual’s word that they wrote quality or​ unique articles,​ verify for yourself .​
After all,​ your name is​ the​ one that will be attached to​ the​ work.
Another easy way to​ avoid embarrassment is​ to​ only accept projects on​ topics that you know about or​ ones that you don’t mind researching .​
Do not claim to​ be an​ expert on​ a​ subject that you know little to​ nothing about .​
Chances are,​ you will only be embarrassed when it​ comes time for your work to​ be reviewed .​
You may find the​ best luck writing articles on​ topics that you already know about .​
At the​ very least,​ make sure you have the​ proper amount of​ time to​ devote to​ researching unfamiliar subjects before accepting or​ applying for a​ project.
As a​ recap,​ we​ all have those what was I​ thinking moments,​ from time to​ time .​
No one,​ not even professional article writers are perfect .​
That doesn’t mean that you should just wait for your moment of​ embarrassment to​ arrive .​
By following the​ above mentioned steps,​ you shouldn’t have to​ deal with an​ awkward,​ uncomfortable,​ or​ a​ potentially career ending moment .​

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