Writing Articles Doesnt Work

If you've been on​ the​ web for any length of​ time I'm sure you've seen the​ headlines on​ websites or​ in​ your email inbox stating things like,​ "Writing Articles is​ the​ Best Way to​ promote your website and get laser targeted traffic to​ your site" or​ "If your not writing articles to​ promote your site there's something wrong with you" and my favorite "Writing Articles is​ Free and only requires a​ bit of​ time to​ Write Them". My response to​ these statements is,​ "HOGWASH"

Like most of​ us on​ a​ limited budget I set about the​ task of​ writing articles. I spent hours upon hours writing and submitting articles to​ every directory I could find. After several months I concluded there was something very very wrong.

My taffic had not increased,​ I had not built a​ list of​ thousands of​ subscribers and I was no better off financialy since my affiliate links were not bringing me any sales.

So I gave up and decided those headlines I'd read were internet hype and not having any experience at​ writing and I'd been duped into believing that this form of​ marketing was a​ valid one.


...what I was about to​ discover would turn my article writing upside down and change the​ way I would approach my article writing forever.

First I learned my articles didn’t have great titles: They did little to​ make the​ reader want to​ even read the​ article.

Second,​ My article didn't flow well. the​ reader would never finish the​ article get to​ the​ bio box and never get to​ my site.

Third,​ the​ article gave way too much information and gave the​ reader no incentive to​ look for more information,​ never getting to​ the​ bio box,​ never getting to​ my site.

These are just a​ few of​ the​ mistakes I had been making consequently causing my article marketing efforts to​ fail.

The above article was written in​ just under 20 minutes including research. the​ techniques used to​ write this article were a​ direct result of​ the​ information recieved from Andrew Hansen's Article Speed Writing ebook.

Because of​ this information my article writing has taken a​ definite upward turn and I cannot Thank Andrew enough!

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