Writing Articles Advice For The Do It Yourself Webmaster

Writing Articles Advice For The Do It Yourself Webmaster

As an​ SME it​ is​ virtually impossible for us to​ hire the​ services of​ a​ good SEO company that is​ going to​ spend time optimising the​ site,​ adding new content and gaining good links for the​ site,​ simply because of​ the​ cost involved. Other SME’s are I am sure in​ a​ similar position. They would all love to​ have a​ web site that ranked highly in​ google and the​ other search engines and brought in​ a​ constant flow of​ new business. However to​ hire an​ SEO company to​ do all those things above is​ often beyond the​ reach of​ many small companies especially those just starting out.

However as​ a​ company providing services ourselves and 80% of​ our new business coming via the​ internet I can thoroughly recommend that you find a​ company,​ invest the​ money because you will soon get the​ rewards back. if​ you feel that you still cannot quite afford to​ go down that path because money in​ the​ company is​ tight then the​ other course of​ action I can recommend is​ to​ write articles. I kept seeing and reading all this free advice from SEO’s out there on​ the​ Web about the​ benefits of​ writing articles and submitting to​ article distribution centres and e-zines. I used to​ think when reading these words of​ wisdom how wonderful it​ would be if​ only I could do that,​ but I never did it. Until recently that is. About a​ month ago I decided I would try writing an​ article. First what would I write about? Big problem,​ what could I write about that had any relevance to​ my website or​ the​ services we​ provided and be of​ interest to​ anybody else? So I did a​ search on​ one of​ the​ article distribution sites looking for articles that had relevance to​ my own sites content and found nothing of​ real relevance. So nothing for it​ I would have to​ write my own. it​ still took another week before I came up with any ideas. I focused on​ what services we​ provided and how I could turn these into articles. Still nothing actually came of​ these thoughts. Then one night I was talking to​ one of​ our cleaners who was telling me about the​ problems she was having with the​ toilet brushes on​ these particular premises she was working at. They were the​ wrong shape for doing a​ good job! the​ following day I spoke to​ the​ company and they agreed we​ could put our own in. Then I realised that this was a​ problem in​ many places especially domestic households. So I wrote my first article about toilet brushes and the​ why’s and how’s of​ how people should approach the​ purchase of​ these objects. Once started the​ words flowed. I submitted this to​ two article distributors and one ezine. to​ my surprise it​ was accepted and I have not looked back. I now write on​ average two articles per week and have reached the​ grand total of​ 24 published articles. Each article gives me about five links on​ average,​ some provide more,​ others less,​ it​ depends on​ who picks them up and republishes them. Most importantly it​ has boosted my visitors and my backlinks and therefore my search engine position. When I did a​ search on​ who was linking to​ my site these articles produced 12 backlinks for google and a​ staggering 186 on​ MSN. it​ was incredibly interesting to​ see where my articles were ending up,​ often in​ very unexpected places,​ and it​ is​ global,​ so they can be picked up anywhere in​ the​ world.

Do not be put of​ by the​ thoughts

· I cannot write
· I have nothing to​ write about
· Nobody would want to​ read the​ things I know about

Because you are wrong on​ all counts. There is​ a​ lot of​ advice freely available on​ how to​ write good articles,​ go search it​ out. Everybody who is​ running a​ business has expert knowledge on​ some subject,​ and lastly the​ whole world is​ your audience so there will be many people out there who are interested in​ what you have to​ say. Surprise yourself,​ as​ I did,​ give it​ a​ go. After the​ first or​ second article you will find that they just flow and writing becomes much easier. Very importantly however they do wonders for your website.

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