Writing And Walking Beating Writers Block

Writing and walking are a​ seemingly odd mix of​ topics for an​ article,​ but they go well together. Particularly if​ you write during breaks in​ your walk.

Writing Journals

Whether you are writing articles or​ the​ great American novel,​ you will inevitably suffer from writer’s block. a​ good way to​ defeat the​ block is​ to​ go for a​ walk or​ hike in​ a​ park or​ open local area. Walking gives you a​ chance to​ think through things,​ let your mind wander and clear out the​ riff raff.

As you walk,​ your subconscious will be working and kicking out ideas to​ get you going again. You don’t want to​ lose these ideas,​ which can be a​ problem when you are a​ few miles from home and your computer. Frankly,​ nothing is​ more frustrating than getting an​ idea and then losing the​ thread while you hustle home.

I primarily write information articles for web sites. Unlike a​ novel,​ the​ pure volume of​ articles is​ problematic. Coming up with hundreds of​ unique topics can be maddening,​ particularly if​ the​ subject matter is​ rather dry. Just imagine trying to​ write 100 articles on​ tax issues! One tends to​ end up staring at​ the​ wall for hours on​ end.

I come up with my best ideas while walking on​ the​ beach here in​ San Diego,​ California. While the​ beach and tax articles might seem an​ odd mix,​ the​ ghosts of​ IRS agents apparently congregate on​ the​ beach and ideas become plentiful. I’ve tried two methods of​ keeping track of​ ideas while walking.

I first tried taking a​ dictation machine with me,​ but it​ didn’t really work out. You would be surprised how loud the​ ocean is​ on​ the​ recording. I also found it​ difficult to​ pick up the​ thread again when I sat down to​ listen to​ my ramblings. Fortunately,​ writing journals turned out to​ be a​ better option.

An author friend of​ mine that publishes novels suggested taking a​ writing journal with me on​ the​ beach strolls. He apparently had great success working out plot twists for his novels while hiking around Palomar Mountain,​ a​ good hiking spot to​ the​ east of​ San Diego. I gave it​ a​ try and the​ rest is​ history.

I prefer writing journals to​ dictating for a​ few reasons. Initially,​ it​ is​ easier to​ just sit down wherever you are and write out an​ idea and story lines. I also find it​ easier to​ pick up the​ thread when I plop down in​ front of​ my computer to​ actually start writing.

Writer’s block is​ a​ problem for every writer,​ regardless of​ the​ type of​ writing. if​ you’re having problems with it,​ you might try going on​ a​ walk and taking a​ writing journal with you.

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