Writing Aint For Everyone But Article Writing Is

Writing Aint For Everyone But Article Writing Is

Ready...Set...Go! if​ you are not submitting articles to​ article directory web sites,​ which pertain to​ your site's content and theme,​ you are missing the​ proverbial boat on​ gaining additional popularity for your web site and valuable,​ one-way links back to​ your site which are critical for good placement within the​ search engines. Many formerly well-ranked,​ front-page sites have found themselves re indexed and tucked away on​ page 15 of​ google. Sound familiar? Who's going to​ find you on​ page 15? Answer: No one. You may want to​ check some of​ your top 5 keywords on​ Google,​ Yahoo,​ and MSN to​ see where you are located. Different that what you expected? is​ your site traffic down? Then,​ you'd better do something and do it​ quickly. Sites which refuse to​ write and publish content are "on their way out,​" as​ one web designer and SEO expert has said. Let's take a​ look at​ this issue a​ bit further.

In recent months,​ it​ has become absolutely critical for web site owners to​ submit content-rich articles for publication on​ major article directory sites,​ ezines and newsgroups. Gone are the​ days where it​ was relatively easy to​ get front page placement for your site for a​ few,​ or​ even several,​ key search words ("keywords"). Why the​ difference? Because the​ search engines are continually changing their search algorithms to​ provide more relevant search data to​ their consumers/customers. the​ "Big 2,​" Google and Yahoo,​ compete fiercely to​ supply relevant and cutting-edge results for these searches in​ order to​ get people to​ come back for future searches. in​ review,​ the​ game goes a​ little like this: Let's say Sally is​ taking her lunch break at​ work and wants to​ look up some information on​ shopping in​ Madrid. Sally fires up her browser,​ surfs to​ google and enters "shopping in​ Madrid" in​ the​ search box. On the​ date of​ this article,​ there were 19,​600,​000 results for this search phrase and only the​ top 10 are listed on​ page one. Even though less than thirty percent of​ people will click to​ page two,​ Sally decides she would like to​ copy-n-paste the​ first 20 results into an​ email to​ her home computer,​ so she can check the​ search results in​ detail when she gets off work. She creates the​ email and sends it​ off and does,​ in​ fact,​ research the​ top 20 results when she gets home.

Sounds like "shopping in​ Madrid" had 0.0001% of​ all available results indexed actually looked at​ by a​ google customer in​ this instance. Question: What if​ your web site has a​ major section devoted to​ downtown shopping in​ Madrid? Do you think,​ with your current level of​ web presence,​ that you have a​ chance of​ being on​ the​ first two pages of​ google? Would someone like Sally even know you existed? Chances are,​ she wouldn't know your web site from a​ bale of​ hay! How would you like to​ *know* that the​ major portion of​ your site,​ which you have spent thousands of​ dollars developing,​ pertaining to​ "shopping in​ Madrid,​" has a​ very good chance of​ getting high placement,​ maybe even front page,​ on​ google? While there is​ no way to​ "guarantee" this,​ it​ is​ important that you begin writing articles about "shopping in​ Madrid" and submitting them to​ the​ major article directories. Not a​ writer? Not a​ problem! Read On!

You'd be surprised that once you simply open up your notepad.exe file and begin typing,​ the​ ideas just seem to​ come forth. Type each of​ these ideas about what you would like to​ say on​ a​ separate line,​ pressing the​ enter key twice after each thought. Think of​ as​ many things as​ you can,​ regardless of​ how good or​ sorrowful they might be,​ and type them out,​ each on​ a​ single line. Tip: Think of​ what is​ already on​ your site and try to​ dovetail some of​ this content. Then (we're almost there...),​ after you have more than a​ handful of​ ideas,​ go back and put an​ asterisk by the​ ideas you think would have the​ making of​ some decent content. Save this file as​ "Topics.txt" on​ your computer's desktop and place the​ icon right smack-dab in​ the​ middle of​ your screen. Now,​ go get a​ diet coke or​ a​ cup of​ coffee and think about what you just did. Come back to​ you computer,​ open up the​ file that you just saved,​ choose one of​ the​ topics that you placed an​ asterisk beside,​ go to​ the​ next line and begin typing whatever comes to​ mind about that idea. Congratulations! You have just gotten over the​ hump of​ writing your first article! I have found that 90% of​ the​ "battle" is​ just selecting the​ topic. Obviously,​ you already know at​ least something about the​ topic you selected or​ you would not have written it​ down in​ the​ first place. Now,​ do a​ google or​ yahoo search on​ your selected topic and see what comes up in​ the​ search engines. I bet you see where I'm going with this...

Webmasters and site developers,​ you don't have to​ be Truman Capote to​ write a​ 600 word article. Most people speak 600 words before they get out the​ door to​ go to​ work in​ the​ morning with a​ cup of​ coffee in-hand. Do you think you can put together 15 or​ 20 organized sentences on​ a​ topic that you are "supposed" to​ know a​ little bit about? I bet you can. Simply begin writing additional ideas below the​ topic you have selected and form them into a​ few paragraphs of​ organized thought that you think someone would be interested in​ reading. in​ the​ above example,​ "shopping in​ Madrid" I might see what the​ new happening place is​ to​ get good deals on​ Spanish antiques. Look up a​ few sites,​ select a​ shop,​ do a​ little research and then start writing.

The process of​ writing articles is​ really not that difficult once you get the​ hang of​ it. the​ above method is​ a​ very basic one that should work for many people. Also,​ please be sure to​ list the​ article on​ your own web site for additional new content which the​ search engines seem to​ really like. Once you have this information on​ your site,​ you may be surprised what could happen. Let's say,​ the​ Spanish antique dealer which you wrote your article about might just contact you requesting a​ link or​ a​ banner ad be placed on​ your article page. How did they find your page? They did a​ search on​ google for "shopping in​ Madrid" and found your article listed and contacted you! Ah...success! While this probably won't happen,​ you have the​ assurance that you are going through the​ right process to​ promote your web site and gain exposure in​ the​ search engines. There are many article directories to​ submit articles to. if​ set up properly,​ with one click of​ your mouse,​ you have the​ ability to​ create over 400 one-way back links to​ your web site. How long would this take you if​ you were doing the​ old reciprocal link campaign?

Go! You have invested countless hours and extraordinary effort to​ have a​ successful online business. It's now up to​ you to​ keep it! By the​ way,​ the​ above article took less than one hour to​ write,​ revise,​ proof-read,​ and submit to​ over 400 article directories...and this writer ain't no Truman Capote. Good luck!

Writing Aint For Everyone But Article Writing Is

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