Writers Make Money Online

Writers Make Money Online

When you​ think of​ making money writing,​ you​ often think of​ freelance writing,​ ghost writing,​ and writing novels... all of​ which you​ can do on​ the​ internet. However,​ I'm wanting to​ talk about the​ hidden opportunities for good writers in​ internet marketing (no,​ forget blogging).

Information is​ the​ key to​ the​ internet,​ whether selling tangible or​ digital goods. to​ answer your question,​ yes,​ people buy ebooks all the​ time. They don't even mind paying for those physical books bound together by a​ wire. This is​ because it's all about information. People are starving for it.

If you​ can write well,​ you​ can make money online. as​ for internet marketers,​ the​ way we run our entire operation is​ with the​ written word. We set up our websites with content,​ we drive traffic to​ our websites by submitting our articles in​ mass,​ and we write sales copy for our products and reviews for other hot products. We even write series of​ e-mails that are automatically sent via an​ auto-responder.

The big hype over the​ past few years has been on​ blogging. Writers are slaving away at​ their blogs as​ we speak,​ as​ 1 is​ created every second according to​ Technorati. Truth is​ very few bloggers are making any kind of​ serious money while many internet marketers who can write are banking. Instead of​ slaving away at​ blogs,​ most of​ us write articles and submit them massively throughout the​ web for backlinks.

If you're not a​ great writer,​ however,​ you​ should take up blogging while at​ the​ same time studying internet marketing,​ so you​ can hone your craft. if​ you​ have writing skills,​ immediately begin IM. I suggest diving in​ at​ the​ forum that's been online since 1997,​ WarriorForum.com.

For the​ rest of​ this article I want to​ reveal 5 things you​ can do with writing skills to​ make money online just to​ prove my point.


Write a​ review of​ a​ product,​ join the​ maker's affiliate program in​ order to​ earn commissions,​ buy webspace and PHP redirect using your affiliate link,​ spin your review article,​ and submit the​ spun versions to​ various ezine directories on​ the​ net while using your link to​ your website in​ the​ resource boxes.


Buy private label rights material on​ a​ hot subject,​ edit it​ completely and create an​ ebook with it​ inserting an​ affiliate link within,​ create a​ website to​ promote your ebook,​ use some of​ your PLR to​ write articles then massively submit them to​ ezines.


Buy webhosting and a​ short punchy .com domain name,​ find a​ free template by searching Google,​ buy 25 PLR articles and rewrite them to​ make them unique,​ put the​ articles on​ your site,​ and sell the​ website along with its contents at​ Sedo.


Write content,​ put it​ in​ a​ zip file,​ and sell private label rights to​ your content at​ your website over and over using PayPal.


Write an​ ebook,​ create a​ squeeze page at​ your site,​ register your ebook at​ ClickBank,​ drive traffic to​ your sales page and squeeze page with articles and affiliates,​ market your ebook through a​ series of​ emails via an​ auto-responder.

Writers Make Money Online

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