Write For You A Reader Focused Writing Primer

Write For You A Reader Focused Writing Primer

You want to​ write better,​ more engaging articles and content right? You want to​ get your message across and you want your call to​ action….actioned right? I am no writing expert,​ but I can tell you one thing,​ the​ secret to​ writing better starts with one tiny word….. YOU!

Your readers (And maybe your potential clients/customers) read what you have written for a​ reason. They read because they want to​ gain something from it. THEY want to​ gain something. They are not interested in​ how YOU are this,​ that and the​ other. They want to​ find out how what you are writing can benefit THEM. People are greedy. Even when they are not trying to​ be. They are greedy at​ a​ subconscious “Brain Sponge” level.

How many times have you read an​ article or​ blog and stopped reading half way through? How many times have you thought “God…this person likes to​ talk about himself”? And don’t you just hate conversation when someone else always talks about themselves? READ ON!


When you are writing,​ and especially when you are writing to​ sell something,​ focus on​ your reader. They (Usually) don’t care about how great your product is,​ they only care about how great it​ will be to​ them. Use the​ Words “You” and “Your”. Make your reader feel how much it​ is​ going to​ benefit THEM.

A great testimonial to​ this fact is​ a​ test I ran on​ a​ single eBook I used to​ sell. it​ was a​ single page website that sold an​ eBook on​ setting up a​ website. I played around with the​ copy a​ lot and the​ product was great,​ but it​ was not selling. I invested in​ a​ split testing software and created two different versions of​ the​ sales page. One was the​ normal sales copy and the​ other was the​ sales copy focusing on​ the​ user. So rather than “With our eBook” I had “With your eBook” etc. the​ results were surprising. By minimizing the​ use of​ “I” “We” and “Our” and increased the​ use of​ “You” and “Your”,​ the​ sales of​ the​ book increased by 60%. That’s a​ lot!

Asking your readers questions is​ also a​ great way to​ engage them. Make them think. Make them ask the​ questions YOU WANT THEM to​ ASK! Questions that YOU have an​ answer for. Have a​ specific call to​ action and lead them down the​ path.

I have used this technique on​ many sites in​ my network from the​ beginning and have seen great results. I am sure you will too.

***It should be worth noting that I (tried) to​ keep you engaged in​ this article by using the​ word you/your 30 times (Including this sentence) and asked 5 questions. Seems like a​ lot now but it​ worked,​ didn’t it?

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