Worldwide Mobile Marketing Corp Goes International

Worldwide Mobile Marketing Corp Goes International

Miami,​ FL –January 04,​ 2018– Worldwide Mobile Marketing Corp .​
(WORLDWIDE) (Frankfurt Stock Exchange: WLJ and Pink Sheets: WMBM),​ a​ multi-faceted mobile media company offering innovative advertising through the​ use of​ specially designed vehicles and franchises as​ a​ medium for advertising message of​ its clients,​ is​ pleased to​ announce that it​ has completed an​ international franchise contract with the​ Agilent Group (AGILENT) .​

WORLDWIDE with their WAA Brand goes international .​
Mr .​
Tadele,​ owner of​ Agilent Group (AGILENT) an​ Advertising and Promotion firm in​ Addis Ababa,​ Ethiopia visited the​ USA to​ purchase the​ Master franchise rights for his country .​
An international Franchise contract was signed .​
The U.S .​
Department of​ Commerce,​ International Trade Specialist Philadelphia,​ helped to​ arrange the​ formal paperwork .​
The US Embassy in​ Addis Ababa was also involved in​ this transaction .​
Mr .​
Tadele is​ a​ veteran of​ the​ Advertising industry with more than two hundred clients in​ Ethiopia and years of​ working and marketing experience .​
AGILENT will be the​ first mobile advertising firm,​ who will offer the​ real time mobile ad technology to​ his clients in​ different areas in​ Ethiopia .​
Goal is​ to​ promote international AID’S campaigns throughout the​ country.
American and other international brands like products from Coca Cola to​ Nike,​ from GM Automobiles to​ Microsoft are on​ his client list .​
Mr .​
Tadele,​ will purchase a​ fleet of​ mobile Advertising Vehicles to​ start promotions.
Mr .​
Tadele with his international knows how and business experience is​ the​ perfect fit for both companies .​
WORLDWIDE and AGILENT are looking for a​ high impact in​ the​ mobile Advertising technology in​ Ethiopia and surrounding countries.
• Worldwide Mobile Marketing Corp .​
(WORLDWIDE) (Frankfurt Stock Exchange: WLJ and Pink Sheets: WMBM) (
• BRANDING is​ WAA since 1995 in​ Business and Franchisor .​
• WAA expand his operation from Coast to​ Coast .​
• WAA is​ the​ first national mobile Franchise with real time communication vehicles.
• WAA 12 months Goal,​ 100 Vehicles on​ Road,​ Investment $ 10,​000,​000 .​
• WAA will operate by 2009 a​ fleet of​ minimum 300 Vehicles in​ USA .​
• WAA Franchisee’s will operate city location and fleet .​
• WAA Fortune 500 Clients list is​ from Coca Cola and IBM to​ Ford and many more .​
• WAA backed by multiple US Patent’s .​
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(800) 714-9985

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