Workplace Romance Tips The Best Inter Office Memo To Remember

Workplace Romance Tips The Best Inter Office Memo To Remember

For most young career people,​ they find spending nearly 35% of​ their time at​ the​ workplace than at​ their respective homes. That accounts to​ almost 9 hours of​ work,​ work,​ and work.

For this reason,​ most of​ the​ people involved in​ this kind of​ situation find themselves out of​ place in​ the​ social world because they simply do not have time to​ meet other people anymore. in​ fact,​ they do not even have time for themselves.

That is​ why it​ is​ not such an​ appalling revelation when some surveys showed how 67.8% of​ the​ respondents,​ all working but in​ different companies,​ are into relationship with their colleagues. This goes to​ show that because of​ the​ time constraint that most professionals have and because of​ the​ lack of​ sociable time that they need,​ most of​ them divert to​ the​ aspect of​ getting a​ romantic partner in​ the​ office instead.

Most of​ those who are involved in​ this kind of​ relationship contend that their workplace seemed to​ be a​ natural breeding ground for romantic couples since they are together for more than 40 hours within the​ week.

Also,​ they asserted that creating a​ relationship in​ the​ office is​ inevitable because most of​ them get along with each other well based on​ the​ premise that they revolve around the​ same environment that initiates common interests,​ beliefs,​ and backgrounds.

However,​ because of​ some professional etiquette around the​ office,​ some companies despise the​ idea of​ having their employees being involved with each other. the​ bosses believe that romantic and intimate relationships may bring about negligence on​ their respective jobs.

Moreover,​ certain flaws are seen on​ this kind of​ relationship. There is​ a​ higher probability that the​ couple might have a​ conflict of​ concern with regards to​ their respective duties in​ the​ office and their duties and responsibilities with each other.

Therefore,​ for those who cannot help but fall in​ love while doing monthly inventories,​ here is​ a​ list of​ some workplace romance tips to​ keep you out of​ the​ brink of​ disaster:

1. Think first before deciding

Before deciding on​ this matter,​ it​ would be better to​ think first,​ probably a​ hundred…no make that a​ thousand times before deciding on​ it.

Try to​ contemplate on​ the​ possible consequences and benefits that you can get from the​ relationship. if​ the​ relationship will not work out,​ will you be ready to​ face the​ consequences?

2. Evaluate each prospect

Establishing a​ worthwhile relationship with your colleagues should primarily be based on​ its being worthy for a​ date.

It would be better if​ you will evaluate on​ the​ upshots of​ dating the​ person based on​ his or​ her position in​ the​ company,​ its value,​ and the​ possible corollaries of​ the​ separation,​ if​ ever.

For instance,​ if​ you want to​ ask your colleague on​ a​ date,​ try to​ contemplate first on​ the​ issue of​ rivalry between you and your officemate and the​ rough situation that both of​ you may be in​ after the​ breakup.

Also,​ try to​ look the​ possible angle of​ biasness for bosses dating their subordinates. the​ issue of​ “favoritism” may take place.

3. Be smart

Keep in​ mind that the​ reason why God placed our minds above our hearts is​ for the​ mind to​ rule above all. So if​ you are suddenly being snooped with some seniority in​ the​ office,​ do not be deceived yet. Try to​ test this person for some reliability quizzes and put him more on​ hot water.

The point here is​ that if​ ever he is​ trying to​ establish a​ good romantic relationship with you,​ it​ is​ better to​ be assured that his intentions are for real and just because he is​ looking for some diversion in​ the​ office.

4. Friendships as​ the​ best foundation

For a​ budding romantic relationship in​ the​ office,​ it​ is​ best to​ keep focused on​ creating friendships first. This is​ because some people believed that friendship,​ as​ the​ core foundation of​ any relationship,​ is​ better than just a​ break-from-work relationship.

Given all that,​ workplace romance can be really fun and dreamy. However,​ one or​ both of​ them should realize that office romances are not based on​ a​ contract that can expires when the​ time allotted has elapsed. it​ would be better to​ hear these kinds of​ relationships to​ last a​ lifetime,​ even if​ both of​ them have already retired from their jobs.

Workplace Romance Tips The Best Inter Office Memo To Remember

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