Workouts That Travel

Workouts That Travel
A vacation can do wonders for reducing stress levels,​ but it​ can derail a​ healthy fitness regimen. Even some of​ the​ most diehard exercisers find it​ difficult to​ stick with a​ workout program when away from home. Sure,​ many have good intentions. They may even pack their workout attire. Unfortunately,​ their gear never makes it​ out of​ the​ suitcase until theyre back home.
But travel from home doesnt have to​ result in​ an interruption or​ complete abandonment of​ your healthy habits. You can still fit in​ exercise time when away from home,​ regardless of​ whether you find yourself in​ a​ warm or​ a​ cold climate. Even if​ bad weather forces you into seclusion in​ your hotel room,​ there are exercises you can complete without a​ single piece of​ equipment.
Below are some tips to​ help you stay fit while traveling and avoid coming home with unwanted extra baggage.
. Be realistic. You probably wont be able to​ fit in​ your normal weekly workouts and thats okay. Shoot for completing at​ least 50% of​ your normal regimen.
. Plan ahead. Before leaving town,​ find out what type of​ workout facilities your accommodations will have or​ if​ there is​ a​ nearby park or​ jogging track weather permitting,​ of​ course.
. Scope out local gyms. if​ you are staying somewhere that doesnt provide a​ workout area then inquire at​ the​ nearby local fitness centers for their rates. Often they offer day passes for minimal fees.
. Pack a​ resistance band in​ your suitcase. the​ band takes up very little space,​ yet can provide you with an entire upper and lower body workout routine.
. Dont deprive yourself of​ all local delicacies. You can enjoy some special meals without going overboard. Ask the​ restaurants to​ prepare your favorite dishes with a​ few lower fat ingredients.
. Be creative. Find unique,​ fun ways to​ exercise instead of​ doing the​ same routine you do when you are at​ home. Try biking,​ hiking,​ a​ pedal boat excursion,​ waterskiing,​ beach volleyball,​ etc. Effective workouts arent limited to​ the​ standard fares of​ walking,​ jogging and fitness machines.
. Try out your travel routine at​ least once at​ home. a​ new workout that youve never done before will require more time and preparation. This type of​ frustration just makes for an easy excuse to​ skip the​ workout.
. Prepare snacks. if​ your journey includes a​ lot of​ time in​ the​ car,​ be sure to​ pack some healthy snacks so you arent forced to​ eat at​ all the​ fast food and convenience shops along the​ way.
. Play in​ the​ pool. if​ lounging poolside is​ part of​ your vacation plans,​ then hop in​ the​ pool every 20 minutes for 510 minutes of​ pool walking try it​ in​ waistdeep or​ higher water for a​ really challenging workout.
. Get comfortable. Dont forget to​ pack comfortable workout attire that fits your destinations climate.
Here is​ a​ quick,​ simple circuit workout that only requires a​ resistance band and can be done anywhere. Complete at​ least one set of​ 812 reps of​ each exercise.
. Bicep Curl
. Tricep Dip
. Lat Pull Down
. Front Raise
. PushUp
. Squat
. Abductor lifts
. Adductor splits
. Hamstring Kicks
For detailed instructions for each of​ the​ above exercises,​ visit www. workoutsforyou. com/travel_plan. htm

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