Workout Programs 04

Workout Programs 04

For me,​ one of​ the​ most difficult things is​ making things easy for myself. I ​ always have to​ feel like Im working hard,​ facing challenges that other people dont face. I ​ never take the​ shortcut. I ​ never even take the​ road when I ​ can ramble off through the​ bushes. Sometimes this provides for interesting challenges,​ but more often it​ just forces me to​ go through all kinds of​ frustrating complications.
This really got in​ my way when I ​ started doing exercise workout programs. You see,​ I ​ used to​ be in​ shape but that was before I ​ discovered the​ joys of​ writing. Now I ​ sit at​ my computer eight hours every day. Needless to​ say,​ I ​ have grown some padding to​ make the​ sitting more comfortable. I ​ thought a​ good workout program was just what I ​ needed. the​ way I ​ proceeded to​ go about it,​ however,​ made things more difficult.
You see,​ the​ easiest way to​ do workout routines is​ to​ take a​ class. I ​ had several friends who have been doing workout programs for years. They would take martial arts,​ yoga,​ Pilates,​ or​ aerobics. Some of​ them would even go dancing. All of​ these are valid workout programs,​ but I ​ thought I ​ should go it​ alone. I ​ didnt want to​ hire a​ trainer or​ take a​ class. I ​ just wanted to​ design my own custom workout programs.
Not only did I ​ decide to​ go it​ alone when I ​ couldve gotten help,​ but I ​ didnt allow myself to​ start slowly either. On the​ contrary,​ I ​ got right in​ there. the​ first day,​ I ​ almost collapsed. My workout programs goals were outrageous. I ​ was supposed to​ be running 5 miles a​ day by the​ third day. the​ thing is,​ I ​ was stubborn enough to​ try to​ do it. I ​ knew it​ was better than any of​ the​ other workout programs that my friends used. I ​ knew I ​ would be in​ good shape within a​ month.
What I ​ didnt count on​ was getting hurt. if​ I ​ had done one of​ the​ easier workout programs,​ this wouldnt have been an issue. it​ is​ hard to​ get hurt doing aerobics,​ or​ using a​ stationary bike. I ​ was doing some serious offroad running,​ however,​ as​ wells mountain biking. the​ way I ​ was going about my workout programs,​ it​ was only a​ matter of​ time before I ​ ended up in​ the​ hospital. Fitness workout programs that end in​ broken bones are not the​ key to​ good health. Next time I ​ will take it​ easier.

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